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Current projects


Dr Alex Hall

Volunteers and vulnerabilities: the politics of policing partnerships

Professor Jean Grugel

Understanding Latin American Challenges in the 21st Century - LAC-EU

Dr Nick Ritchie

Irreversibility and Nuclear Disarmament


Professor Anastasia Shesterinina 

Understanding Civil War from Pre- to Post-War Stages: A Comparative Approach

UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship - Round 4

Professor Martin Smith 

The Rise of the Chaotic State: Decline, Decadence and Failure in UK Government 

Leverhulme Trust - Major Research Fellowship


Dr Udit Bhatia

Pluralist Agreement and Constitutional Transformation (PACT) 

AHRC - Standard grant

Dr Sara De Jong

Brokers of Conflict and Migration 

British Academy - Mid-career Fellowship

Dr Barnaby Dye 

FCDO Geographical Focus ESRC Policy Fellowship 

ESRC - Policy Fellowships

Professor Paul Gready 

Can the Arts Save Human Rights? Human Rights Truth-Claims in a Post-Truth Era

AHRC - Standard grant

Dr Joe Turner

Channel Crossings: Irregular journeys, policies and politics in the English Channel

ESRC - Standard grant


Dr Harriet Gray

The ‘Comfort Women’ and the Silence Breakers:  Memorialising Sexual Violence as Feminist Politics 

ESRC - New Investigator Grant

Dr Dan Keith

Regional inequalities and attitudes towards trade in a divided post-Brexit society

Dr. José Ciro Martínez

Sovereign Haze: Hashish, Trafficking and the Illicit in the Western Mediterranean

ESRC - Standard grant

Dr Andrea Peinhopf 

Conflict and Co-Existence 

ESRC White Rose DTP Postdoctoral Fellowship


Professor Nina Caspersen

Dynamics of de facto state patron-client relations 

Research Council of Norway

Dr Susan Forde

Spaces of Peace

Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship 2020

Dr Eva Heims

Re-evaluating Regulatory Capture: The Limits of Industry Influence in Pharmaceutical and Consumer Financial Regulation

ESRC - New Investigator grant

Professor Martin Smith

Public Expenditure Planning and Control in Complex Times 

The Nuffield Foundation


Dr Alex Hall

Sea Ports and Security: The politics of the minor border 

British Academy - Humanities and Social Sciences - Tackling the UK’s International Challenges 2019


Professor Tim Stanton

Rethinking Civil Society: History, Theory, Critique 

Leverhulme Trust Research Leadership Award