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Can the Arts Save Human Rights? Human Rights Truth-Claims in a Post-Truth Era

Posted on 1 February 2022

Professor Paul Gready secures a 3-year AHRC grant

Paul Gready

We are delighted to announce that Professor Paul Gready has secured a large, 3-year AHRC grant for his project 'Can the Arts Save Human Rights? Human Rights Truth-Claims in a Post-Truth Era'. 
The project will be co-hosted by CAHR and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It combines two hitherto discrete bodies of research and practice. The first strand includes three Work Packages drawing on work by CAHR:
  1. Arctivism, a collaboration between CAHR and the Open Society Foundations, which funds activists-artists collaborations across the world responding to COVID-19.
  2. Development alternatives, a collaboration between CAHR and ActionAid, which engages activists, artists and academics intending to imagine alternatives to mainstream international development.
  3. York Human Rights City network, a multi-stakeholder initiative that established York as the UK's first human rights city and seeks to operationalise human rights at a local level and develop a city-based culture of human rights.
The second strand features two Work Packages relating to transitional justice.
  1. Colombia (ongoing transitional justice) 
  2. Canada (post-transitional justice)

The goal is to map new and emerging human rights languages or idioms at the intersections between major contemporary crises (attacks on global democracy and human rights, COVID-19, global poverty and inequality, climate change).

This is fantastic news for our Department and the Centre for Applied Human Rights.