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Dr Eva Heims



Eva’s research interests lie in transnational and comparative public policy, with a particular focus on regulation. She joined the Department of Politics as Lecturer in September 2016. Previously, she was a Fellow in Public Policy and Administration in the Department of Government of the LSE and taught at the Department of Political Economy of King’s College London. She holds a BA from Maastricht University and a MSc degree from the European Institute of the LSE, where she also completed her PhD. Her PhD was awarded in 2015 and was funded by the Foundation of German Business. Her thesis analysed how and why national regulators coordinate their practices in the EU. She hopes that this research can help us to understand how cross-border risks in Europe can be managed in the absence of a European state.



Eva has broad research interests in the fields of comparative public policy and administration, executive politics, and German, British, EU and international regulation. She is especially interested in the study of cross-border coordination of regulation, regulation in multi-level contexts and cross-sectoral analysis of regulatory regimes. She has research expertise in a variety of policy sectors, including the regulation of banking, utilities, pharmaceuticals, maritime and food safety. Eva is always keen to expand this comparative research to other sectors and countries.

Her ongoing research explores how capacity to regulate complexity is created, how cross-border risks are managed in the absence of international regulatory capacity, and what drives the behaviour of regulatory agencies. Eva currently explores these themes by studying novel forms of regulatory capacity-building through customer and consumer engagement in regulation. In a different project, she is trying to understand why harmonisation of regulatory practices in the field of banking is so difficult. Following on from her PhD thesis, she also continues to explore under what conditions regulators from different countries coordinate their work with each other and how and why international regulatory organisations are created.

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Eva is the Co-Convenor of the PSA Specialist Group on Executive Politics and Governance. She is also a member of the IPSA research committee on the Structure and Organisation of Government and a Research Associate of the Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (LSE).

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