At York, researchers collaborate across the University's seven interdisciplinary research themes to address the great scientific, social and environmental challenges of our times.

Our department has particularly strong partnerships within three themes: Technologies for the Future, Environmental Sustainability and Resilience and Risk, Evidence and Decision Making.

Technologies for the Future

We have strong working relationships with industrial partners and researchers from York and beyond with our mathematicians contributing to the research of technologists, such as through the Quantum Communications Hub. Our collaborative approach and flexible response shape technologies that provide solutions to new challenges.

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Environmental Sustainability and Resilience

Our study of mathematical methods and development of new techniques is helping the work conducted by our colleagues from Biology, Chemisty, Environment and Geography and Physics. Together, we are combatting global environmental challenges through interdisciplinary research.

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Risk, Evidence and Decision Making

Our mathematical expertise is underpinning significant historical, biological, economical and political outcomes. We provide accurate evidence that informs key policy and decision makers in a variety of sectors.

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