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Yorkshire Country House Partnership Libraries Catalogue

The University Library and six houses (listed below) in the Yorkshire Country House Partnership collaborated in a project to review and create a brief catalogue of their library collections.

The project was funded by MLA Yorkshire and has opened up these country house libraries to the public and academic researchers.

The catalogue will enable future research by anyone interested in the history of these country houses, the lives of their owners, or the history of the book.

Access to the materials

These terms of access apply to all the houses which participated in the YCHP Libraries Project except Lotherton Hall, whose collection is available for consultation in the Central [Public] Library, Leeds.

University Library contact

  • Sarah Griffin
  • Email via LibAnswers
  • Tel: 01904 321159

Anyone wishing to consult materials from these five houses should contact the curator of the relevant house in order to agree mutually convenient access arrangements.

It is expected that requests to view items will usually arise out of work on the history of a particular house, a particular provenance, the history of the book, or the needs of textual scholarship.

Access will not normally be available to books which can be easily consulted through the usual library networks or by private purchase. It may also be refused for conservation reasons or restricted at certain times owing to staffing constraints.

It is possible for the extended study of materials listed in the Libraries Catalogue to be arranged, by bringing the requested items to the University of York Library for consultation. Unfortunately no source of funding to facilitate this, so the person making the request would need to cover any insurance and transport costs.


Click on the tabs below to see the coverage of each house, including information about previous library and sales catalogues from which catalogue records have been derived.

Brodsworth Hall

Brodsworth Hall & Gardens at Doncaster

Brodsworth Hall & Gardens
South Yorkshire


Fax: +44 (0)1302 337165
Tel: +44 (0)1302 722598


Copies of three comma-delimited files, which were subsequently imported into Access (via Excel), were received from Mrs Caroline Carr-Whitworth on 13 February 2003:

  • All Brodsworth Books
  • Brodsworth Books as Found in the Library
  • Brodsworth Books as found Elsewhere in the House.

These were edited and upgraded before five days were spent at Brodsworth Hall in late February and March 2003 checking the books on the shelves in the Library.

Brodsworth books from the English Heritage store were brought to the University of York Library in several consignments during the period from September to December 2004 and were checked against the Libraries Catalogue.

A half-day visit to Brodsworth was made later in order to look at the few books located elsewhere than the Library.

There remains on the database a small number of records, brought over in the Excel file, for books which have not been seen.

Sale 1988
Books listed in a valuation of the Library made by Christie, Manson & Woods in 1988, no longer at Brodsworth Hall and presumed sold.

Burton Constable

Burton Constable at Skirlaugh

Dr David P. Connell
Burton Constable Foundation
Burton Constable
East Yorkshire
HU11 4LN

Fax: +44 (0)1964 563229
Tel: +44 (0)1964 562400


As part of the pilot project many records from the 1889 auction catalogue of printed books were entered on the database, work which continued sporadically until the end of March 2005.

Dr David Connell sent in June 2003 a copy of a database, in FileMaker Pro, of the books in the Long Gallery and the Gallery Closet which Jonathan Wheeler, of the University of York IT Services, kindly converted into Microsoft Access.

These records were edited and upgraded before the checking of the books in situ began in April 2005.

Sale 1889 M
Catalogue of the important Burton Constable manuscripts ... which will be sold by auction, by Messrs. Sotheby, etc. (London: Dryden Press, 1889). Nine of the manuscripts only, those relating to Burton Constable library, have been entered in the YCHP Libraries catalogue.

Sale 1889 P
Catalogue of the Burton Constable library of printed books ... which will be sold by auction, by Messrs. Sotheby, etc. (London: Dryden Press, 1889). All of the books listed in this catalogue have been entered in the YCHP Libraries catalogue but the full extent of the sale will never be known since many works were not catalogued separately but subsumed under catch-all phrases such as 'and other tracts' and 'and many other curious pieces'.

Former location 1 / 1910
Inventory & valuation of furniture, silver ... books ... the property of Major Raleigh Chichester-Constable / Taken for the purposes of insurance / December 1910. Forty-two works from this inventory have been entered in the Catalogue, leaving a probable 100 or so further which could not be added because of limitations of time.

Sale 1951
Catalogue of valuable printed books / autograph letters & historical documents [Lots 400-416] (London: Sotheby, 1951).

Castle Howard

Castle Howard near York

Castle Howard
North Yorkshire
YO60 7DA

Tel: +44 (0)1653 648444


A 1716 manuscript catalogue of Charles Howard, 3rd Earl of Carlisle (1669-1738) (PDF , 233kb)

This is the only house for which the records were created entirely in situ.

Books were catalogued in rooms both private and public, those in the second category including the Crimson Dining Room, the Long Gallery, and the Museum Room.

Of an estimated 10,000 titles which could be considered for the purposes of the YCHP Libraries Project, just under two thirds have been added to the database.

The total number of books in this house is well over double the estimated figure noted above.

Harewood House

Harewood House at Leeds

Mr Mike Schafer
Chief Executive

Harewood House Trust
Harewood Estate
LS17 9LQ

Fax: +44 (0)1132 181002
Tel: +44 (0)1132 181006


The Spanish Library at Harewood House

David Stockdale, a former curator at Harewood House, decided that the first task with regard to the Harewood House library would be to add to the database records for books listed in the 1797 and 1855 MS. catalogues, and this work was completed by 31 March 2004. The days subsequently spent there were devoted to working in the three libraries: the Library, the Old Library, and the Spanish Library.

Former location 1 / 1797
A catalogue of the books in Hanover Square of the Rt Honble Lord Harewood. 1797. Harewood House archives.

Former location 2 / 1855
A catalogue of the library at Harewood House Yorkshire. 1855. Harewood House archives; a photocopy of it can be seen in the University of York Library.

1855AL Ante (i.e., the Spanish) Library
1855HLR His Lordship's Room
1855L Library

Sale 1965
Catalogue of important books including colour plate books of birds and flowers. The property of the Right Honourable the Earl of Harewood; which will be sold at auction by Christie, Manson & Woods. Ltd. At their great rooms ... on Thursday, July 1, 1965 (London, 1965).

Lotherton Hall

Lotherton Hall

Lotherton Hall's collection is available for consultation in the Central [Public] Library, Leeds.


An Excel file of the holdings of the Lotherton Hall library (located in Leeds Central Library) was kindly provided by Pat Egan, of Leeds Library and Information Services.

The records were added to the YCHP Libraries Catalogue and edited and upgraded by December 2003.

The provenances of 1,536 books from the Lotherton Hall library were added to the YCHP Libraries database during visits to Leeds Central Library made on nine days in January and March 2006.

Temple Newsam

Temple Newsam House at Leeds from Morris's Country Seats (1880).

James Lomax
Curator Decorative Art
Leeds Museums and Galleries
Temple Newsam House

Tel:+44 (0)01132 647321


The records contained in the 1923 typescript catalogue of the books at Temple Newsam, a photocopy of which was provided by James Lomax, were entered in the YCHP Libraries database between December 2003 and August 2004. The books were checked in situ mostly in October 2004.

Former location 1
Title catalogue of books in the Temple Newsam Library. 16th April 1923. Typescript. Copy at Temple Newsam.

L Edwardian
LGSBR Long Gallery and Small Book-room