Accessibility statement

Google Takeout

Google Takeout has been enabled for University Google Apps accounts. This tool is designed to export all the data from various Google services including Drive - you may wish to use it, for example, when you leave the University at the end of your course or employment.

You can access Takeout at:

You can create an archive of all your data, or select Choose Services to create an archive from specific services eg Drive, Blogger, Contacts etc.

If you choose to create an archive of your Google Drive, you can use the Configure option to specify whether you wish to archive all, or just a specific top-level folder. You can also choose what format you wish to export the Google specific formats into (eg Google Doc to MS Word, Google Spreadsheet to MS Excel). Similar Configure options are available for other services.

NB. If you're archiving documents from Drive, you may find that some documents stored in folders that others have shared with you do not export - if this occurs, you will need to re-organise your documents, then try again.