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Personal web space

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Everyone with an IT Services account can create their own web area.

Once you've registered, you can create web pages which will available at

Register for personal web space »



Available to anyone with an IT Services accounts.

Your personal web space is yours to create and edit as you choose.

The content can be related to your work, studies, interests, society etc, as long as it adheres to the Regulation 11: Use of Computing Facilities.

The information provided on your pages is considered to be unofficial, and should not normally be linked to from official University of York pages.

If you wish to create web pages for an official University body, you should contact the Communications Support team at

Personal web space is for static pages only. It is not designed for application development. If you wish to use, for example, PHP, My SQL or Wordpress, you will need to use an external hosting service such as Google Sites, Blogger or Wordpress.

Any files stored in your personal web space counts towards your filestore quota.


Register for personal web space

To register:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to Select optional facilities
  3. Click Register next to Personal web space

Within an hour, a folder called web will be automatically created within your filestore (on the M: drive).

This folder will be set up with the correct permissions to ensure that your web pages will be accessible to the outside world - these permissions should be inherited by files created within the folder.

The URL of your web site will be: 
(So if your username was abc100, your web space would be

Set up your web pages

Create a home page. You should create a default page in your web folder on the M: drive - name this file index.html. This will act as your homepage, and prevent visitors to your site from seeing the directory listing.

It is good practice to also create a default page in each subfolder.

Check that your pages work. Open a web browser, and type in the URL of your website. Check that the links work, and that you are happy with your site's appearance.

Help & troubleshooting


Library & IT Help Desk

If you're having problems setting up your personal web space, get in touch with the IT Support.

Our commitments

Service status Live and supported service.
Hours of service 24/7
Service support For help and support with this service, contact the IT Support.
Hours of support Help from the Library & IT Help Desk is available 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.
Target availability

General IT Services targets:

  • Information Services Service Standards
Resilience Load balanced servers provide resilience for this service. All data is backed up in line with our standard backup policies.
Our performance

Our service standards have been produced in consultation with our customers, and monitor the quality, timeliness and access to facilities and services:

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Complaints procedure

If you wish to give us general feedback on this service, please see our Feedback page for ways to get in touch.

If you wish to make a complaint, please see our complaints procedure.

Your responsibilities

When you publish content on your web space, you are responsible for:

  • The content hosted on your personal web space, including ensuring it is in line with the IT Services Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Ensuring you have sufficient knowledge to create and maintain HTML content