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Adobe Reader

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About Adobe Reader

About the software

Adobe Reader is for viewing PDFs. It offers some editing features (eg form completion) and annotating features (eg adding comments, sticky notes and highlighting text). These features and the ability to print are dependent on the settings selected when the PDF is created. 

For greater editing capability, see our list of software for creating and editing PDFs


Adobe Acrobat Reader 2017 is installed on IT Services supported PCs and is available for unsupported and personal machines. Adobe Reader is also available for mobile devices. For further information, see the Obtaining the software tab.




Obtaining the software

Adobe Reader is installed on all supported office and classroom PCs. It appears under:
Start Menu | All Programs

It is available for unsupported and home machines free of charge from the Adobe website:

Documentation, training and support


Adobe product guide


Adobe Reader Help provides text and video tutorials for the following topics:

  • Fill in forms
  • Sign and certify
  • Command and Review
  • Print
  • Copy Content
  • Search, view and save
  • Security and protected mode
  • Accessibility


Adobe help and support