Accessibility statement

Foundation Year Entry Requirements

Mature Students

For mature students there are no specific requirements for entry to the Foundation Year - we simply need you to demonstrate the potential to cope with the course material.

Before or after you have made an application we would ask you to visit us for an informal interview (online for the 2021 entry cycle). This is also a chance for you to ask questions, as well as see our teaching facilities. In our discussion, we will try to establish that you have understood the nature of the challenge and appear to have the basic mental attributes to succeed. We will ask you a few questions of a technical/mathematical nature, none of which would demand any knowledge beyond that you might have acquired in your early school years or from taking an interest in the world around you.

Our students come from a very wide variety of backgrounds but those who have fared very poorly in their school years and acquired motivation later in life have often proved excellent students.

Overseas Students

If you have taken the school-leaving qualifications of your home country and these are not of a sufficiently advanced level to enter straight into our first year, we need to see that you have the potential to study at higher level. Initially we would want to see you had strong grades in Mathematics and Sciences at high school and also that you meet the University's English Language requirement

Students taking Inappropriate Qualifications

You may be taking A levels or other qualifications which do not include sufficient Mathematics and/or Science for us to consider you for first year entry, making the Foundation Year route appropriate. In these circumstances we would expect you to be gaining similar grades to our standard entry requirements, for example, in the region of BBB for A level. 

All suitable applicants will be invited to an interview; for the current application cycle the interviews will be held online.


See our information on how to apply for the Foundation Year.

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