Undergraduate Admissions - Course Descriptions

All courses are IET accredited and have a year in industry year option. All courses have 3 and 4 year variants (year in industry is additional to these). Course choices are flexible - transfers between all courses are possible until at least the end of the first year.

Electronic Engineering Student

Electronic Engineering (BEng/MEng)

Provides a very wide range of knowledge and techniques in modern electronics.

Electronic and Communication Engineering Student

Electronic and Communication

(BEng / MEng)

Gives a strong electronics background with an emphasis on its application to communication technologies.

Electronic and Computer Engineering Student

Electronic and Computer
(BEng / MEng)

A Computer Systems Engineering programme combining the use of electronics and computer hardware / software.

Music Technology Systems Student

Music Technology Systems (BEng/MEng)

Focuses on the internal design and function of contemporary music technology systems within an electronic engineering programme.

Electronic Engineering with Nanotechnology Student

Electronic Engineering with Nanotechnology
(BEng / MEng)

Gives a strong electronics background with an emphasis on its application to nanotechnologies.

Electronic Engineering with Business Management Student

Electronic Engineering with Business Management
(BEng / MEng)

Comprises 30% business management, 70% electronics. Meets the needs of those with ambitions to progress to a management position.

Foundation Year Students

Electronic Engineering with Foundation Year

An entry route to all our courses for those who do not have relevant qualifications, particularly mature students.

Music Technology Systems with a Foundation Year 

This course is designed for students who would like to study our Music Technology Systems degree programmes but who don't meet the entry requirements.