Accessibility statement

Undergraduate course overview

The department offers two main sets of courses:

  • 3-year BEng and 4-year MEng degrees in Electronic Engineering with a number of specialisms including computer engineering, music technology and nanotechnology 

  • 4-year MEng degrees in Engineering with specialisms in medical engineering,robotics and micro-mechanical engineering 

For those who do not have the appropriate qualifications for our BEng or MEng courses we provide an Electronic Engineering with Foundation Year.  


It is generally possibly to transfer between courses within in each set, at any point during the first year of the course.  Please note: transfers from Electronic Engineering to Music Technology or Nanotechnology specialisms are subject to pre-requisites having been satisfied.

MEng or BEng?

The 4-year MEng course gives you the opportunity to gain a masters level qualification and challenges you to study your subject to a deeper level.  It also allows you to move straight on to postgraduate study after you graduate. 

You can transfer between BEng and MEng Electronic Engineering up until the end of year 2 - those who initially applied for BEng will need to obtain average marks of 55% or more in year 2 to be eligible for transfer to the MEng course. 

Year in Industry

All of our courses are available with a year in industry, which gives you the opportunity to gain vital experience in the workplace and find out more about your career options. The year in industry is generally taken in the year prior to your final year of study.

The Department will help you to find a suitable year in industry placement and an academic supervisor will visit you during the year. 

Course List 

Our undergraduate courses are listed below with their UCAS code and a link to a detailed course description:

Course Title

BEng - 3 years

BEng with a year in industry - 4 years

MEng - 4 years

MEng with a year in industry - 5 years

Electronic Engineering  H610  H611
 H609  H608
Electronic and Communication Engineering  H621  H622  H629  H628
Electronic and Computer Engineering  H634  H635  H639  H638
Electronic and Electrical Engineering  H600  H601  H606  H605
Electronic Engineering with Music Technology Systems  H667  H661  H669  H668
Music Technology Systems  H663  H664  H666  H665
Electronic Engineering with Nanotechnology  H6F3  H6F4  H6FH  H6FG
Electronic Engineering with Business Management  H6N2  H6N3  H6NG  H6NF


Course Title QualificationDuration  Point of Entry UCAS Code 
Electronic Engineering with Foundation Year BEng 4 Years Year 0 H604
Music Technology Systems with Foundation Year BEng 4 years Year 0 H662


Course Title

MEng - 4 years

MEng with a year in industry - 5 years

Engineering  H109 H108
Medical Engineering  H119 H118
Micro-mechanical Engineering  H319 H318
Robotic Engineering  H659 H658