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Interview Days and Advice

All suitable applicants will be invited to an interview; for the current application cycle the interviews will be held online.

For the interview itself, we will ask you general questions regarding your application to us, and some technical questions - we have the following guidance for you:

Warm-up questions
As in most interviews, we start by asking gentle questions, but there's no reason to be unprepared. You should be able to say why you've applied for University, for this particular University, and for this particular course. The point of these questions is to see how carefully you have thought out the options for the next few years of your life. We aren't looking for introspective soul-searching, just the signs that you value your time and abilities and want to make something of them. We also ask how things have been going at school and whether there have been any disruptions to your studies. We want to make sure we have that information if your exams don't turn out the way they should. We ask you what grades you expect to get and, if your estimation is different from that of the report that's on the UCAS form, we quiz you about that.

1st year entry

Technical questions

We normally ask one or two technical questions, to check out your mathematical skills in particular. Typically, we might ask what you've been doing recently in maths or any science subjects you're taking, and then frame a question about that. The important thing to remember is that we are not very interested in testing your memory, so the questions are much more to do with how you think and explain. We want to know about your interests, your motivation, your abilities and your potential to do well at York - so relax and try not to:

􀁸 freeze
􀁸 fill the air with words that have nothing to do with the problem
􀁸 say "we have never done that so I don't know"
􀁸 get intimidated by the lengthening silence
􀁸 focus your mind by thinking about the first or most elementary things you learned about the things in the question
􀁸 think aloud about what you might do
􀁸 draw a diagram

If you can show that you're thinking, then we'll help you get to an answer.

If you are applying for our Music Technology Systems courses, we will also want to find out about your musical background but you do not need to have a portfolio.

Foundation year entry

For Foundation Year applicants the questions will very much depend on your background. In most cases, we will assume that you have little or no background in mathematics and science. We will want to establish whether you possess basic numeracy and have the right kind of mind-set to attempt a science-based course.

Music Technology Systems with Foundation Year
If you are applying for our BEng Music Technology Systems with Foundation Year course, we will also want to find out about your musical background but you do not need to have a portfolio.

Your questions
Interviews always end with the opportunity for the interviewee to ask questions. You don't have to ask anything - there are no points for clever questions. But, this is your best chance to get a direct answer on anything about the University, the course, the place, so why not take it?

Don't forget
Be honest. Be yourself. Relax.

We make decisions on applications after each interview day, and aim for all applicants to receive their decision on UCAS within a week of their interview. 


Any questions?

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Mrs Helen Lay

Admissions Tutor
Dr Jude Brereton
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