Entrance Qualifications

We are happy to provide advice in advance of an application and a candidate's individual circumstances will always be taken into account. The following notes are a guide to our MEng/BEng entrance requirements.

A levels

  • MEng: AAA
  • BEng: ABB

To include

  • Mathematics
  • One out of: Physics, Electronics or Chemistry
  • Any third subject - we equally welcome arts and humanities subjects


  • BEng: AAB

To include

  • Mathematics
  • Any other two subjects - we equally welcome arts and humanities subjects

Scottish Advanced Highers

  • MEng: AA
  • BEng: AB

To include

Mathematics and one out of Physics, Electronics or Chemistry plus AAAAA (MEng) or AABBB (BEng) in a suitable range of Highers.


  • BEng: AB 

To include

Mathematics plus AAAAB in a suitable range of Highers.

Irish Highers

  • MEng: AAAAAB
  • BEng: AABBBB

To include Mathematics and Physics.


  • BEng: AAAABB

To include Mathematics.


Good performance in first-year Higher National Certificate or Higher National Diploma (level 4) in Electronic and Electrical Engineering or a related subject.

Extended Diploma in Engineering with an overall grade of:

  • MEng: DDD  and grade A in Maths A level
  • BEng: DDM and grade B in Maths A level 

We do consider applications from people offering combinations of A levels and BTECs subsidiary diplomas, contact us for more advice.

BTEC Extended Diplomas in ICT, Music Technology or Applied Science are not suitable for entry into the first year of our degree programmes. However we do welcome applicants with these qualifications for our degree programmes that include a foundation year, Electronic Engineering with a Foundation Year or Music Technology Systems with a Foundation Year

International Baccalaureate

  • MEng: 36 points overall with grade 6 in Maths and Physics at Higher Level
  • BEng: 35 points overall with grade 6 in Maths and Physics at Higher Level

Students taking either of these subjects at Standard Level, and students taking Maths but not Physics, are asked to contact us for advice.

International Qualifications

Please see our International Entry Requirements, which also include our English Language Requirement for non-native speakers.

Music Requirement

Programmes in Music Technology Systems also carry an additional music requirement to demonstrate that you have musical interests.

No Physics? No Problem

The only A level you have to be taking to join our 1st year BEng courses is Maths. Your other two subjects can be anything, apart from General Studies, and we welcome applications from students taking Maths, History and Art as equally as those taking Maths, Physics and Chemistry. 
If you aren't offering Physics/Electronics/Chemistry as an A level then our typical offer is AAB with an A in Maths - by ensuring your Maths skills are strong on entry you will be able to spend more time on the other parts of the first year course you may be less familiar with. 
If you don't have Maths either, our degrees with Foundation Years may be the perfect solution for you, either Electronic Engineering with a Foundation Year, or Music Technology Systems with a Foundation Year

Foundation Entry

If your qualifications are not suitable for direct entry to one of our degree courses but you think you have the potential to succeed, see more information on our Foundation Entry Requirements.


Any questions?

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