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Evangelia Karadimou

Evangelia Karadimou

"I completed my MSc by Research in 2013 in the Applied Electromagnetics lab of the Department of Electronic Engineering under the supervision of Professor Andy Marvin.

The main area of my research was the use of wave diffusers to scatter the unstirred radiation of an antenna in a reverberation chamber. This research project was a practical implementation of my theoretical background from my BSc degree and an introduction to the real world engineering. Using appropriate equipment to carry out experiments in special electromagnetic environments and analysing complex data further contributed to my problems solving skills.

The MSc by Research programme provided me with a smooth transition from academia to industry as I was able to enhance my engineering skills while being a university student.

After completing my research I started working on EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) field in York EMC Services Ltd where I am still employed as a senior EMC engineer."

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