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MSc Embedded Wireless Systems (called Internet and Wireless Computing before 2016/17)

Umair Rehmat

Umair Rehmat

"After completing my engineering degree program specializing in digital communication, I decided to opt for a Masters degree in a similar, yet advanced field. The subjects I wanted to take forward with my academia were Mobile Communication Systems and Internet Protocols with an aspect of system engineering involved. I still remember it took me quite a while to find a university that actually offered all three combined! Enter MSc in Internet and Wireless Computing (or "MIMS" as it is was then) at the University of York.

In short, the time spent at the University of York has been an exhilarating experience; development wise and learning wise. Being an international student and unfamiliar with education standards followed in the UK, I found the MSc to be very well organized and was able to settle in with the delivery easily.

This particular taught program though competitive, offers a very comprehensive and in-depth analysis of communication systems with an element of self-study or should I say self-research involved. On the occasions I found myself stuck with a problem, academic or otherwise, I found the staff to be very helpful and understanding, ever so ready to point in the right direction. No matter how busy their schedule is, from experience I can say they will have time for you. Students do come first at the University of York.

We are not living in the best of times. With the financial recession affecting the job market you really need something that makes you stand out from the crowd to land yourself with a job in the communications industry. There are jobs out there. You just need to be able to reach them by breaking through the set of criteria set by employers. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I too had to wait a few months before landing myself with the perfect job opportunity at Alcatel Lucent Telecom as a Core Networks Engineer. But it is my belief that what helped me at the end was a good degree from a good university and a good solid understanding of the subject I was interesting in making a career out of.

It is bound to be a hectic year but if you are spirited, I am positive you will make your way to the industry with a very clear understanding of the world of wireless computing. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to go down the road of communications systems with an aspect of systems engineering involved."

Yiding Xu

Yiding Xu

"I am a graduate student with distinction from University of York, major in internet and wireless computing. Since graduation in 2011, as a product manager in the capital market team at Bank of China, I have taken responsibility to oversee the risk analysis and control of FX and IR related products. I really appreciate the experience in York, which not only comprehensively prepared me for a career in quantitative finance with my solid foundation in mathematics and computing skills, but also got me well accustomed to the study and research in the English teaching environment.

Before the study in York, I was an undergraduate in the electronics department at Beihang University. In my third year at the university, under Prof. Feng guidance, I led a group of five, designed an innovative low-light infrared night vision system, which won us first prize in Fengru Cup Contest at Beihang. As once a visiting scholar at Nottingham University in UK, Prof.Feng always shared me with his experience in UK. Since then, I was longing for studying abroad to get a better education. And finally, University of York which is one of the world’s top 100 universities, and the electronics department which is one of the best for electronic engineering in UK became my best choice.

The programme content of MSc Internet and Wireless Computing placed strong emphasis on the mathematics, programming and cutting-edge applications of electronics science. The plentitude of coursework has supplemented and strengthened my knowledge in internet, electronics and programming; and the group project experiences have prepared me a lot with research ability and other transferable skills.

My obsession with coursework is a thread that runs through all of my study in York. Firstly, the internet-related courses such as Advanced Internet Protocol and Network Security made me get very familiar with the major protocols in use in internet and the tools used to counter the network threats. Secondly, through the courses like Communications systems, DSP Architectures, etc, I had a good understanding of different telecoms techniques and custom circuit design on FPGA & microprocessor. Also, the programming-related courses such as Matlab and C programming helped me a lot to improve my programming ability.

Apart from the course study, I also participated in group project. Under the guidance of Prof. David Howard who was the head of electronics department, I worked with other five students in designing a secure internet communication system, which incorporated a graphical user interface (GUI) with Java programming and the RC6-based encryption/decryption modules by using C and Verilog HDL languages. Through the project, I served the company as the hardware manager, the documentation manager, a member of software team and a member of integration & testing team. The group project experience improved not only my engineering ability, but also other transferable skills such as interpersonal skills, time management, delegation & risk management to a large extent.

The life in York has been a very memorable experience for me. Although it has been two years since my graduation from University of York, I always remember the scenes of interesting lectures, the lovely people in York, the great scenic spots such as York Minster and the wall of the city. And for the future of my career, I have the confidence that with my solid foundation in mathematics, computer science, and the persistent enthusiasm and continuous endeavor, I will achieve my success in quantitative finance field."


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