MSc Communications Engineering

Patricia Maluti

Patricia Maluti

"I have always had an interest in science and technology since high school which led me to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Zambia. I also enjoy travelling, visiting places and trying new things. After completion of my studies, I joined the ICT regulator in my country (Zambia) as a Spectrum Engineer. I was responsible for planning and management of the radio spectrum which is the fundamental resource for wireless, satellite and mobile communication just to mention a few. My ambition to positively contribute to the development of the ICT industry led me to pursue a Masters in Communications Engineering so that I can understand further technology evolution and transformation and how we can take advantage of ICT services in various sectors of the economy such as governance and education.

The MSc in Communications Engineering programme was both challenging and interesting. The programme was quite intense but the course structure and the academic resources made it possible to build on planning and time management skills which are important tools for one to remain focused. I particularly enjoyed the Wireless and Satellite Networks and Further Internet Protocols courses. The learning environment enabled me to meet and interact with an international peer group providing an opportunity for me to increase my cultural awareness and develop professionalism.

I am currently still working with the ICT regulator in Zambia but now as a Standards Engineer. The course equipped me with the necessary technical and professional skills such as planning, management, problem solving and research which ultimately provide a fund of knowledge I can use to coordinate the development and adaption/adoption of international standards in order to ensure the safety, quality and inter-operability of new and existing ICT products and networks in Zambia."

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