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It is likely that you have many questions running through your mind about distance learning. Our students may have answered some of those questions for you in our FAQ section.

Full course list


PhD in Archaeology or Conservation Studies

The Department's distance learning PhD is a three-year full-time or six-year part-time course in either subject area, depending on topic. Our students produce internationally-recognised research within one of our research clusters, with topics covering human history from prehistory to present. 


PGDip in Astronomy

 For home astronomers: an opportunity to gain a formal postgraduate qualification in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Church History and Heritage

PGDip in Parish Church Studies: Heritage, History and Fabric

 A unique opportunity to gain detailed and practical knowledge of the history, use, care and conservation of parish churches.

Computer Science

MSc Computer Science Online

This entirely online programme provides you with a broad-based knowledge of the computer science discipline. With a focus on software development skills, computational thinking and computational problem-solving, it teaches the practical applications of theory that will equip you for a career in this high-demand field.

MSc Computer Science with Data Analytics Online

A fully online programme designed to develop core computer science and data analytics skills and knowledge, with specialisms including machine learning, data analytics, data mining and text analysis - delivered via specialised modules and an independent data analytics project.

MSc Computer Science with Cyber Security Online

Delivered entirely online, this programme provides you with a robust grounding in the computer science discipline and features specialist modules that focus on secure software development and security risk analysis. It is designed to prepare you for roles in the high-growth computer science and cyber security sectors.

MSc Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence Online

This fully online programme provides you with the core computer science skills of computational thinking, computational problem solving and software development. Importantly, you’ll also develop specialist skills and knowledge in problem structuring, machine learning, neural networks, genetic algorithms, and data analytics, and will undertake an independent artificial intelligence project.

PhD Computer Science

The Department's distance learning PhD is a three-year full-time or six-year part-time course. Our students produce internationally recognised research as part of our top-rated research groups.

Creative Writing

PGDip Creative Writing

A highly-interactive series of credit-bearing modules, exploring both creative writing, and literary theory, and encompassing the writing of fiction, scripts and poetry.


PhD in Education

The PhD in Education by distance learning is designed to enhance specialised knowledge through academic study and research. Join our internationally recognised Department to conduct research in a wide range of educational issues. Both full and part time study are possible on this programme.

MA Educational Practice

Designed for teachers currently working in schools and other educational settings, this course will enhance your understanding of educational practice. Learn to share, build and evaluate professional practice and educational policy.

English Building History

MA English Building History

The MA in English Building History is a collaborative programme delivered by Lifelong Learning and the Department of Archaeology. This is a three-year, part-time, MA programme delivered online in a fully-supported learning environment, with blended learning support for the final year Independent Study Module.

Economics postgraduate summer session

Postgraduate summer session in microeconomics and quantitative methods

 For prospective students of postgraduate programmes in economics and those wanting to enhance their skills in microeconomics and quantitative methods.

Health Economics

PGCert / PGDip Health Economics for Health Care Professionals

Develop your knowledge of the basic principles and tools of health economics to apply them and understand their impact in the workplace.

MSc Economic Evaluation for Health Technology Assessment

Further your knowledge and understanding of basic and advanced issues in the economic evaluation of health technology assessment through high quality training in relevant theoretical and practical issues.

Health Professions Education

MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate in Health Professions Education (Hull York Medical School)

Designed to meet your needs as educators in medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy and other health professions. The overall aim of the course is to enable you to develop practical capabilities in critical, reflective understanding of learning and teaching in clinical practice.

History of Art 

PhD History of Art

The Department's distance learning PhD is a three-year full-time or six-year part-time course. Join our internationally recognised centre for art historical study, ranked first for research impact and environment in the UK.

Humanitarian Studies

MSc International Humanitarian Affairs

Developing your capacity to understand and respond strategically to humanitarian needs in complex operational contexts, reflect critically on contemporary humanitarian issues and challenges at the headquarter and field levels, and design evidence-based policy.

International Development

MPA Public Administration - International Development

Improve your capacity to influence, contribute to or lead the international development agenda at local, national or international levels.

Management (Business and Finance)

MSc Innovation, Leadership and Management Online

Designed to foster strategic thinking by drawing on proven leadership tools to make innovative vision an operational reality, with a particular focus on innovation and change management.

MSc Finance, Leadership and Management Online

Providing the fundamental tools and theories of finance and training in financing longer-term corporate projects by developing a holistic view of the opportunities and risks present in financial markets. 

MSc International Business, Leadership and Management Online

Focussing on the challenges associated with global trade, marketing and sales, and provides an excellent overview of relevant management disciplines.

Mathematical Finance

MSc Mathematical Finance

Rigorous training in mathematical and computational techniques relevant to practitioners in the modern quantitative finance industry, in particular managing investment and risk.

Accredited and non-accredited online Lifelong Learning courses 

Centre for Lifelong Learning

The Centre for Lifelong Learning offers a number of learning for pleasure and undergraduate distance learning courses.

Public administration

MPA of Public Administration (MPA)

Reflecting the current public service modernisation agenda, enhance your capacity to manage, lead, change and improve public services.

Public Policy and Public Management

MA Social and Public Policy

Understand better how social policies are made by exploring the interplay between decision-making on the national level with global and transnational forces.

MA Public Policy and Management

Focusing on how the policy process and delivery of services are linked, develop your understanding of how policy is made, implemented and evaluated, and the key issues of managing public services.

Railway Studies

MA in Railway studies

Gain an understanding of how academics have investigated the social, cultural, political, business, economic, and technological aspects of British railway history between 1825 and 2010.

Social Policy

MA Social and Public Policy

Understand better how social policies are made by exploring the interplay between decision-making on the national level with global and transnational forces.


  • CPD: Continuing Professional Development
  • PGCert: Postgraduate Certificate
  • PGDip: Postgraduate Diploma
  • MA: Master of Art
  • MPA: Master of Public Administration
  • MSc: Master of Science
  • PhD: Doctor of Philosophy