Online and distance learners

On these pages you will find links and information on how the University supports its online and distance learners. If you are new student then we recommend you start by taking a look at the Distance Learning welcome pages made specifically for you.


Academic services across the University are aware of the different needs you have when studying at a distance from campus and have provided dedicated information on:


We understand that online and distance learners often have competing work and life pressures. Below are links to a range of University support services.

Student-led support and advice
The two students' unions provide independent advice and support.

During term-time between 8pm and 8am (GMT), you can also make use of Nightline. This is a confidential listening service run by students for students.


You are part of York's online and distance learning community with over 500 learners studying in over 70 countries. Keep up to date with University news and events, have your say about University life and connect with fellow students.

The University has a number of other support networks you may find helpful.

If things go wrong

Anything that stops you from undertaking your studies in the usual way is officially called an 'academic progress issue'.

If you have any concerns about your studies you should talk to your academic supervisor in the first instance. They will advise you on how to proceed.


Wentworth College

York is one of a handful of UK universities with a college system. When you join us you’ll become a member of a small, distinct community, which will become your home from home whether you live on or off campus. All online and distance learners are members of Wentworth College.