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Postgraduate Economics Summer Session

The Economics Summer Session takes place over seven weeks. The session starts 3 August 2020 and finishes 18 September 2020.

This year the Economic Summer Session will be delivered fully online and no residential week will take place.


You may possess a relevant professional qualification, a degree in another social science, or a science or engineering degree with a high quantitative and analytical content.

If you satisfactorily complete the coursework both residential and distance learning examinations throughout the course, you will be given a certificate of attendance.

If you have a conditional offer for our MSc programme, subject to completing the summer session, you will then be able to register for the MSc.

The summer session course consists of lectures and tutorials in Micro-Economics (50 per cent), Mathematics (20 per cent), Statistics (20 per cent), and Macro-Economics (10 per cent).

The course material is of a standard equivalent to the second year of the honours degree in economics taught by the Economics Department. The course is intensive; in addition to the four teaching sessions per day, students are expected to work through exercises and problem sheets.

The summer session is also available as a free-standing course of instruction for any graduate interested in acquiring greater knowledge of economics and quantitative techniques. The cost of the Summer Session is £1,260, not including accommodation costs.

Course Details

The Summer Session in Microeconomics and Quantitative Methods is a five week course offered by the Department of Economics at the University of York. The course consists of lectures and tutorials in Micro-Economics (50 per cent), Mathematics (20 per cent), Statistics (20 per cent), and Macro-Economics (10 per cent). A detailed course outline is attached.

The main purpose of the course is to prepare you for entry to the various one-year MSc degrees offered by the Department. A representative intake of students will have taken degrees and qualifications such as engineering, medicine and biology.

The course is also available to any appropriately qualified individual who wishes to acquire the basic principles of micro-economic theory and statistics in the analysis of real-life economic problems.

Certificates of attendance and competence will be issued to participants.

Course Outlines

A series of topics are outlined below, each will be accompanied by a complete set of notes, exercises and where appropriate solutions to the exercises. Each topic may take more than a single lecture.




Quantitative Module


Basic Mathematical Concepts



Introduction to Linear Algebra

Growth and Logarithmic Functions

Differential Calculus




Descriptive Statistics

Discrete Random Variables

Continuous  Random Variables

Correlation and Regression


Hypothesis Testing  



Fundamental Concepts

Demand and Supply

Consumer Behaviour

General Equilibrium

Theory and Welfare Economics 

The Theory of the Firm   




Introduction to Game Theory

Asymmetric Information   



Basic definitions,

Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand Together (Medium-run)

Economic Growth


The Open Economy

What is Distance Learning?

  • From the 3 August to 18 September you will take the course via distance learning using the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) You will gain access to this on the August.
  • There will be a lot of reading (you will recieve a list) and a series of tutorials. There will also be discussions online of the material that you will be covering.
  • You will be assigned a lecturer who will be following you online.
  • You will need to log in at least three times a week and contribute to the discussion board.

What if I don’t pass the Summer Session?

  • Our success rate is 98 per cent.
  • You will have to study during both components the distance learning and the residential part of the course.
  • Distance learning requires self-discipline. Although it is flexible and you can work at the time that suits you best, you will still have to log in and do the work that is required each week.
  • During the residential part, you will also be asked to do homework and prepare for the assessment.
  • There are two assessments, both during the residential week:
    • for the quantitative module, it is open book and the pass mark is 50 out of 100 points.
    • for the economics module, there is a multiple choice quiz.
  • If you don’t pass, we will encourage you not to take the MSc.

Do I need to be in York for the Distance Learning component?

  • No, you can be anywhere in the world provided you have good internet connection.

I live in China and the website doesn't work.

  • We have delivered this course to at least 150 students in China.
  • There may be some problems with firewalls. If this occurs you should contact

What if I can’t login into the VLE?

  • There may be some problems with firewalls. If this occurs you should contact

I have logged into the VLE but I have problems with it?

Do I need any books for the Summer Session or any prior preparation?

  • You don’t need any books or prior preparation until you arrive in York.

Can I fail the summer session?

  • Yes, however the success rate is very high.

I don’t think I need the Summer Session - can I still get into the MSc?

  • No, not if your offer is conditional of you taking the summer session. Your application has been carefully selected for summer session.
  • You may have a degree in Economics, but the components and marks you have obtained could suggest that you should attend the summer session.

Do I need a visa?

  • If you are a student with a conditional offer from the University of York, you will get a CAS letter (request it on e:Vision once you register to summer session) that will cover both the residential component and the MSc.
  • If you are a stand-alone student who requires a visa we are happy to send you an invitation letter. Make sure you request this on time by emailing

Students attending a lecture

Summer Session Coordinator

Dr Maria Garcia-Reyes
+44 (0)1904 433684