We promote the development and implementation of green and sustainable chemistry into new products and processes.

Our research interests span all aspects of green and sustainable synthesis, from renewable feedstocks and the processing of biomass, to the development of green and sustainable synthetic chemical transformations. 

Our expertise lies in understanding the scope, limitations and future directions of technologies which offer sustainability benefits and accelerate the meeting of green and sustainable goals.

These include:

  • Catalysis, flow chemistry, electrochemistry, mechanochemistry, and microwave heating.
  • Automated synthetic chemistry approaches and the development of robotic systems for data-rich analysis of “green” conditions and reagents in traditional and new reactions.
  • The circular economy, and the design of chemical products for reuse and safe degradation.
  • Whilst many green chemistry definitions exclude “end-of-pipe” considerations we are passionate about chemical remediation and chemical recovery. 
  • Bioderived and biodegradable polymer synthesis.
  • Green and sustainable solvents.
  • Sustainable laboratory research.



The Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence and Biorenewables Development Centre provide our group with a proven pipeline for the translation of fundamental research in green chemistry into sustainable commercial products.