We develop and apply cutting-edge methods to understand the composition, structure and dynamics of matter using techniques covering the full range of time- and size-scales relevant to chemical and biochemical systems. 

Research in the Technologies for Chemical Measurement theme is focused on the design, construction and application of novel methods for analysis covering the full range of time and length scales of chemical systems. Our expertise covers measurement of discrete molecular systems in the gas phase, on surfaces, in reaction mixtures, and includes studies of complex macromolecular biomolecules.

We develop novel instrumentation and apply it to solve problems such as:

  • Using unique laser facilities to probe transition metal catalysts, biological materials and light-activated materials.
  • Applying low-field and hyperpolarised NMR methods to probe molecular speciation and behaviour. 
  • Developing new instruments combining laser spectroscopy and mass spectrometry to enable next-generation analytical techniques.
  • Probing novel chemical protein modifications and dating amino acid samples using mass spectrometry, coupled with state-of-the-art ion mobility and chromatographic separation methods.

These facilities enable some of the very fastest (femtosecond) and very slowest (billions of year) chemical processes to be explored on a wide variety of samples, from ancient proteins to novel transition metal compounds involved in catalytic processes.