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We are one of the top Biological Sciences departments in the UK. See below for the latest league rankings and other assessments.

York Biosciences maintains its Top Ten position in the UK in the Times Good University Guide 2022

York has ranked 10th in the UK for Biological Sciences in the Times Good University Guide 2022.

The Department of Biology placed first out of the Russell Group universities included in the 2021 National Student Survey (NSS) for 'Overall Satisfaction' for the subject of Biosciences

The Department scored highly for 'Teaching on my course' for the subjects of:

  • Biology (93%)
  • Genetics (96%)
  • Microbiology and Cell Science (91%).

The Department also placed highly within the Russell Group in seven of the assessed areas:

  • Teaching on my course (Biology 1st, Biosciences 2nd, Genetics 1st, Microbiology 2nd)
  • Learning opportunities (Biology 2nd, Biosciences 1st, Genetics 1st, Microbiology 1st)
  • Assessment and feedback (Biology 1st, Biosciences 1st, Microbiology 1st)
  • Academic support (Biology 3rd, Biosciences 1st, Microbiology 1st)
  • Organisation and Management (Biology 2nd, Biosciences 1st, Microbiology 3rd)
  • Learning Resources (Biosciences 2nd, Microbiology 3rd)
  • Learning Community (Biology 3rd, Biosciences 1st, Genetics 3rd, Microbiology 1st)
  • Student voice (Biosciences 1st, Microbiology 2nd)
  • Overall Satisfaction (Biology 3rd, Biosciences 1st, Genetics 1st, Microbiology 2nd)

Member of the prestigious Russell Group

The University of York is a member of the prestigious Russell Group which represents 24 leading UK universities committed to maintaining the very best research, an outstanding teaching and learning experience and unrivalled links with business and the public sector.