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Hear directly from our students about a range of topics: why they chose York; what they love about their courses; placements; and general tips for student life at York.

Hear from our students

Hear from our graduates

Our graduates have gone on to work in a wide range of sectors, including medical manufacturing, clinical science, software management, data engineering and scientific publishing. 

"I'm a Software Product Manager for Ocado Group. Learning and understanding biology has actually become quite conducive to my career in software technology! I can draw a direct parallel with understanding complex, abstract biology systems and pathways, and using that same skill in understanding software concepts and architecture."

Philippe, BSc Biotechnology and Microbiology, graduated 2019

I'm a Clinical Scientist for Congenica, a digital health company specialising in genomic medicine. Before this, I was a Clinical Scientist in the NHS, and I specialised in medical genomics, clinical cytogenetics and molecular pathology. Clinical scientists are senior members of the healthcare science workforce and as a collective are essential to the diagnosis, monitoring, management and treatment of nearly every type of disease.

John, BSc Biochemistry, graduated 2012

"Studying my degree programme helped me to decide what career to pursue! I started the programme with no idea whether I'd like to go into academia or industry. However, undertaking a summer placement in the department and the integrated Masters convinced me to apply for a PhD. The cell and tissue engineering module also made me realise that I wanted to work in regenerative medicine, which helped me to make an informed decision when picking my PhD topic."

Iona, MBiol Molecular Cell Biology, graduated 2019

"After returning from my year in industry, I chose to do a data themed final year research project. This built on my coding skills which had been nurtured by the department since first year. The experience I gained helped me later in interviews after graduating. This passion for data and experience with coding has led me to my current role as a Consultant Data Engineer at Kubrick Group."

Beata, BSc Biology, graduated 2020

"I’m a Senior Publishing Editor for the Royal Society research journal 'Royal Society Open Science'. Without the degree, my job would be much more difficult without the general understanding of how science operates that I gleaned from my time at York. The programme was vital in demonstrating to me that, much as I found the theoretical aspects of biochemistry interesting, I was not a talented lab scientist, and a research career was, therefore, not for me. Sometimes it's learning that you're not good at something that is more important than learning what you are talented in."

Andrew, BSc Biochemistry, graduated 2006

"The integrated Masters year was a steep learning curve and forced me to be independent in my experimental design with minimal guidance from lab colleagues. The experience helped me to decide that I wanted to do a PhD after graduation because I love the physical and mental challenge, the lab environment and simply the science itself (answering a big question and constantly being curious)."

Apple, MBiol Biotechnology and Microbiology, graduated 2019

"I enjoyed the small group tutorials on a different topic each term. It was great to have the opportunity to learn from different academics on their topic of interest, and the range of different topics available fed my curiosity and expanded my horizons beyond the core biology modules."

Victoria, BSc Biology, graduated 2011

"I started my PhD right after finishing a BSc in York - my undergraduate degree has prepared me exceptionally well for this new challenge - I started my PhD with a broad understanding of modern biology - from Molecular to Global Change, Biotechnology, and Statistics."

Boris, BSc Ecology, graduated 2015

"Through my programme I was able to identify the areas of Biology that interested me the most and see what a career in scientific research actually looks like. This insight plus the many practical and other skills I gained throughout my degree meant I have been able to keep pursuing my interests in scientific research."

JoJo, BSc Biomedical Sciences (with a year in industry), graduated 2018