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Our History: The 1980s

The beginning of the 1980s was not propitious for the University. It was to see the start of cuts across higher education and a fire in the Chemistry Department.

Staff were exhorted to make economies including turning down their thermostats, recycling, and making telephone calls as short as possible.

Reaching out

The close of the decade with the introduction of the mixed grant and loan scheme was to lend more importance to the 'marketing' of the University. One innovation was the introduction of Open Days – both for student recruitment and for the local community to see how the University worked.

Despite the harsh economic times, a number of academic departments were introduced and others developed rapidly, reflecting societal and technological change. New buildings began to appear including Computer Science in the centre of campus, and a courtyard of buildings near Music, now home to Environment and Philosophy respectively.

Creative campus

The 1980s was the decade when some of the University's memorable sculptures were acquired.

Javanese Gamelan

Many a "Yorkie" has fond memories of the Buddha, a gift from Elizabeth Cooper from the collection of her father, the late JB Morrell, which sits serenely now outside the Berrick Saul Building. The Dryad, by local sculptor Austin Wright, reclines alongside the yew tree topiary.

In 1982, the Javanese Gamelan was purchased and has been enjoyed by music students and audiences ever since.

Campus Folklore

The Boomtown Rats played in Central Hall, making a contribution to University folklore when Bob Geldof told everyone who could not see to come to the front of the auditorium.

Nearly 300 people surged to the front and danced on the orchestra pit cover, causing over £1,000-worth of damage.

History in the making

Staff from various quarters helped in setting up the now famous Jorvik Viking Museum with a dig beneath what is now the Coppergate shopping centre. As well as research contributions from the Environmental Archaeology Unit, sounds for the Museum were recorded in the new Electronic Music Studio.‌

The University celebrated its silver Jubilee in 1988/89 with a programme of events including two concerts by Dame Janet Baker, a large reunion weekend, natural history walks, sports and a firework display.

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