Accessibility statement

Look after our campus this spring and summer

Posted on 16 May 2024

As the warmer months approach, we encourage everyone to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of our campus.

However, it’s crucial that we all do our part to maintain and respect this space, not just for ourselves, but for the local community and the wildlife that our campus is also home to.

Here are a few reminders:

Respect the wildlife

Our campus is home to a diverse range of wildlife. Please be careful not to disturb birds and animals in their natural habitat. 


If you're planning to have a BBQ, please use the designated areas only. Avoid setting up BBQs on grassy areas to prevent damage and reduce fire risk.

Tidy away litter

Always dispose of your litter in the bins provided. If a bin is full, take your litter with you until you find another bin. This helps keep our campus clean and safe for everyone.

Finally, we also have a set of campus rules 

If you’re unsure, why not take a look at the guidelines, designed to protect our environment and community.

Let’s work together to look after our campus, and keep it clean and tidy for everyone to enjoy!