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Bin the bin

Posted on 8 February 2022

Our Bin the bin campaign aims to reduce waste and increase recycling, as part of our Sustainability Plan.

Sustainability sits at the heart of our strategic direction.

Bin the bin is a University campaign aimed at increasing recycling, reducing waste generation and making us all more conscious of how we use resources and where we  dispose of our waste. 

It's directly linked to the Sustainability Plan's strategic goals to:

  • minimise the impact of our waste creation
  • reduce waste volumes from campus by 10% by 2025
  • increase recycling rates

By removing individual desk bins and increasing the number of centrally located, easily accessible recycling stations, we hope to encourage our community to separate recyclables, ultimately reducing the negative impact of our waste.

2022 will bring even greater steps toward achieving our sustainability aims, a journey we hope everyone will join. Why not read more about our Sustainability Plan, which comprehensively sets out how we will tackle current and future challenges by promoting a sustainable community here in York.