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Which academic skills do you want to develop?

Posted on 31 January 2021

The Academic Skills Community is for you!

Academic Skills Community

Happy Week 4, everyone! The Academic Skills Community is now in full swing, with our online skills workshops and community groups taking place every single day.

Plus, don’t forget that we’re adding new stuff to our resources page all the time - keep your eyes on that too!

What skills do you want to develop?

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Then we would love to hear from you! Helping students with their academic skills is why the Academic Skills Community exists - so it's super important to us that you have a say in what we do! You can let us know what kind of thing you’d want from us by completing our (totally anonymous) feedback form.

Academic Skills Community feedback form

What’s big this week?

Our new series of Dissertation Skills workshops have started, with this week’s session looking at how to make the best of the supervisor-student relationship - a very important, but often overlooked aspect of your academic life! Learn how to maximise this working relationship and sign up to the workshop. See also the full list of Dissertation sessions.

What else is on this week?

Mon 1 February: You Can Do This! Building Your Self Confidence
Tue 2 February: Finding the Right Reading
Wed 3 February: Using SMART objectives to set goals
Wed 3 February: How to use ANOVA in SPSS (Maths Skills)
Wed 3 February: Learn to Code with HTML and CSS
Thur 4 February: Managing your Supervisor (Dissertation session)
Thur 4 February: Using SPSS to manage Questionnaire data (Maths Skills)
Fri 5 February: What Type of Communicator Are You?!

Find out more 

Find the full list of workshops for this term and, don’t forget, you can also find (and book) our sessions using the shiny new MyUoY app!