OPEN LECTURES: Berlin's Cold War, the Ordered Universe, and Ottoman costume albums

Posted on 10 January 2020

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The Ordered Universe Project: An interdisciplinary approach to the medieval science of Robert Grosseteste
Tuesday 14 January 2020
A medieval historian, an experimental psychologist, and a theoretical physicist explain why they have been working together for 12 years on a series of treatises written in the first third of the 13th century.

Techno and the Teufelsberg: Excavating Berlin's Cold War
Wednesday 15 January 2020
What do the research projects of Berlin's sites, buildings and communities tell us about the city and its people?

Shown in a life-like way (or ‘no great art therein’): Ottoman costume albums and the art of self-representationThursday 16 January 2020
The first in this term's series from the York Islamic Art Circle.

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