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Print your dissertation free of charge!

Posted on 15 April 2019

In consultation with YUSU and the GSA, the University is funding free printing of dissertations and theses from this term, and will equalise print credit from Autumn 2019 to cover all required printing.

An image of a notebook and pen, with the text: Finished your dissertation or thesis? Printing and binding is
now free to all students.

Under the umbrella of Together York, the University, YUSU and GSA have worked together to decide how withheld monies from industrial action last year will be used to support students.

A recommendation by the students unions' to use some of the funds to cover essential printing was approved by the University Executive Board (UEB). This will ensure that all required printing (eg handed-in assessments, dissertations and theses, assessed posters, musical scores etc) will be paid for by the University, initially using funds from the withheld pay. As submission requirements move from print to electronic, departments will take on the funding.

Free dissertation and thesis printing and binding

From 8 April, the University will pay for your dissertation or thesis to be printed and soft-bound. For undergraduate and postgraduate taught students, we'll cover the cost of two copies. For postgraduate researchers, we'll pay for the number of copies required for examiners, plus a copy for deposit with the Library. If you wish to have further copies printed, or you want to have the copies hard-bound, you will need to cover this cost yourself.

Printing and binding will be carried out by Design and Print Solutions and can be arranged in person or via the DP Online service (see the FAQs linked below for instructions). Please remember to allow enough time for printing before submission; if you have to use the express service, you will be charged.

Equitable print credit

In addition to the free printing and binding of dissertations/theses, from the start of the Autumn 2019 term we will introduce a print credit allocation that reflects the amount of printing likely to be required by your programme/department. More information about this will be made available closer to the time.

Further information

We've provided answers to questions you’re likely to have about this new provision:

If you have any further questions, please contact your department.