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Queer beauty, healthy eating, and are books good for you?

Posted on 18 May 2018

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Sexual selection and queer beauty
Tuesday 22 May
This lecture deals with the tension between an orthodox theory of the sexual selection of ornament, the "sense of beauty," and the "art-sense" in the struggle for successful mating within the (human) species, on the one hand, and, on the other, the role of non-procreatively oriented sexualities in the generation of attractions and forms of beauty.

Shakespeare's Bibles
Thursday 24 May
Professor Shuger is the author of many important books including The Renaissance Bible (1994), and is a former colleague of CA Patrides.

Healthy eating as the new religion
Thursday 24 May
From the ancient Pythagoreans to the Transcendentalist movement in nineteenth century America, what we ingest has long been imbued with spiritual significance.

A book a day keeps the doctor away
Thursday 24 May
Are books good for you? Can they change the world?

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