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Artificial intelligence, medieval music, and war nostalgia

Posted on 12 January 2018

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Seeing past and present in the glazed cloister of Park Abbey (1635-1644)
Monday 15 January
Professor Ellen Shortell discusses the use of visual experiences in the cloisters of Park Abbey in Leuven, Belgium, between 1635 and 1644

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Back to the future
Monday 15 January
Dr Dimitar Kazakov presents a talk on Artificial Intelligence

Nostalgic for war: Reflections on the stories we tell about World War II and contemporary British militarism
Tuesday 16 January
This talk examines how nostalgia for the Second World War has come to pervade contemporary political and everyday discourse

The art of the medieval minstrel
Tuesday 16 January
A lecture recital on medieval music, performed on replica medieval musical instruments, reconstructed from period artwork

Migrant City
Wednesday 17 January
Migrant City is the story of contemporary London from the perspective of 30 adult migrants who come from a wide variety of social backgrounds and includes their take on Brexit and the so-called 'migrant crisis'

Refugee rights in Egypt
Friday 19 January
Nea'ma Allah Hisham talks about the rights of refugees in Egypt

Script United. Safavid Iran, Ottoman Turkey, and Nasta‘liq Calligraphy in the Sixteenth Century
Friday 19 January
Through the analysis of examples on various mediums and textual sources, Dr Rettig explores how calligraphy became a tool in artistic rivalries as well as political and religious struggles between Ottoman sultans and Safavid shahs

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