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Human rights, crime, welfare stigma, and Islamic art

Posted on 19 October 2018

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Using social media to fight for human rights in Kenya
Tuesday 23 October
Exposing criminal activity and human rights violations in Kenya and the mental health and wellbeing of human rights defenders.

The anatomy of violence: Dissecting the biological roots of crime
Thursday 25 October
A brief overview of neuroscience research on crime and it implications for our conceptualisation of moral responsibility, free will, and punishment.

Stigma machines
Thursday 25 October
The mechanics of intensified welfare stigma in the UK in the wake of the implementation of austerity-driven reforms to social provision since 2010.

The Albukhary Foundation gallery of the Islamic World: New perspectives
Thursday 25 October
Discussing the new displays, the collection, and the vision for the new gallery. 

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