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Scandal, messy science, art and medicine

Posted on 28 September 2018

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The scandal of M Alphonse Legros
Monday 1 October
Why has Legros remained in obscurity despite his centrality to the art-worlds of both London and Paris in the later nineteenth century?

Examining the messy art and messier science of distance in spatial audio for immersive environments
Wednesday 3 October
Outlining the experimental and artistic work undertaken by Angela McArthur.

Bath to Baghdad and beyond: Ellen Tanner’s collection of Middle Eastern art
Thursday 4 October 
Discussing Ellen Tanner’s collection of mainly Iranian textiles, metalwork, lacquer and woodwork.

Man, mind and machine: Merging trends in medical engineering
Thursday 4 October 
Dr Adar Pelah talks about the astonishing medical advances of recent decades, particularly around the use of Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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