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Tips for beating the winter blues

Posted on 17 January 2018

Short, dark days getting you down?

Banish winter blues - get out every day for a short, brisk walk

This time of year can be difficult. The NHS estimates that the winter blues, or seasonal affective disorder (SAD), affects around 2 million people in the UK - so you’re not alone.

Tips for beating winter depression

  1. Go outside
    It’s thought that the winter blues are caused by your body’s reaction to a lack of daylight - so go outside, especially at midday when light levels are at their highest. When you’re indoors, sit by a window.

  2. Get active
    Exercise has been shown to improve mood so now is the time to take up a new sport or activity. Visit the YUSU website to find clubs you could join, societies to get involved with, and just to see what’s on. It’s Give It A Go week - so you can try something new! You could also explore campus at lunchtime to get exercise and maximise the amount of daylight you’re getting. 

  3. Be warm
    Being cold can make you depressed. Wear warm clothes, eat hot food and drink that coffee!

  4. Eat healthily
    What you eat affects your mood. Try to resist those sugary cravings and include more fruit and veg in your diet. You may also want to take vitamin D supplements.

  5. Talk to someone
    If you’re struggling, ask for help. See our health and wellbeing help and support page for the wide range of people you can contact for more support, including your college tutors. If you find your low mood affects your ability to live a normal life, contact your GP.