Academic Support

Studying for a Higher or Degree Apprenticeship with the University of York means you get access to all of the same support enjoyed by our students studying full-time and living on campus. This includes a range of learner support and wellbeing services for confidential, impartial help and advice on a variety of issues related to studying, achieving a successful work-life balance and staying safe.

You can access all of our guidance, support and training face-to-face or online, which means it can be flexible to suit your needs and timetable.

On enrolling on an apprenticeship programme, you will be allocated a personal supervisor, who is a member of staff in the department. Your supervisor is there to provide you with general pastoral guidance as well as advice on and support for your academic progress and personal development. They are a great first point of contact for any questions or problems you may have.

You will also be allocated a Academic Assessor who is a member of staff in the department who works in partnership with your employer (Practice Assessor) to review your achievement and progression on a regular basis. This is done formally via tripartite review progress meetings. These meetings can also be an opportunity to identify barriers, which require additional support, and may include signposting you to a support service.


During each stage of your apprenticeship, you will have a named Practice Assessor who will be appropriately prepared to support you. Your Practice Assessor will liaise with your Academic Assessor with regard to your academic and clinical progress.

Module leaders coordinate the delivery, assessment, feedback and moderation of your modules. Their responsibility includes your learning experience, the sharing of information and ensuring that feedback on your assessed work is useful and timely.

You can access a variety of in-person and online help and support to improve your academic writing skills from the Writing and Language Skills Centre. You also have the opportunity to receive personalised advice and guidance on your written work. Study coaching sessions are offered to help increase your study confidence and work through any challenges you’re facing. 

The Maths Skills Centre is a free service for all learners. Appointments, workshops and resources are available on campus (on the first floor of the Harry Fairhurst Building) or online.

Explore our Health Sciences subject guide for resources and support.

The Careers and Placements team offers a range of advice and resources for work and career planning and are developing resources specifically for apprentice learners. You can access one-to-one appointments when you are not on campus via the Talk to Us service.

The Academic Integrity Tutorial is compulsory for all learners at the University of York and is an integral part of your apprenticeship programme. You should find the tutorial informative and that it raises your understanding of what it means to be part of the academic community.



Our skills guides are videos, interactive tutorials, workbooks and links to help you develop your digital and information search skills. They include: Being Critical and Group Work and Collaboration. These valuable tools are ready to access whenever it suits you to refresh or expand your skill set.