Break in Learning

If you need to take a break from your studies you can apply for a Break in Learning. A Break in Learning is an authorised break in training where you are not continuing with your apprenticeship but you have agreed with your employer that you intend to resume your apprenticeship in the future.

You may be eligible to take a Break in Learning if you:

  • have a documented medical or personal reason that’s making it hard for you to engage with and concentrate on your studies
  • are going on a period of maternity or paternity leave.

Annual leave, public holidays and short-term absences (up to 4 weeks) must not be recorded as Breaks in Learning. A Break in Learning must not exceed 12 months.

During a Break in Learning you won’t be able to access University resources such as attending lectures or placements, although you will still have access to IT Services facilities and the library.

It’s important to discuss your options with your employer and department before you make a decision; a Break in Learning should be considered after you have explored all other options. If a Break in Learning is the option you take, you should try and apply before the proposed start date of your absence wherever possible, and no later than one month after your proposed start date.

If you need to take a leave of absence for less than 4 weeks, this can be dealt with by your department and employer. You should contact your Personal Supervisor and your department will liaise with your employer to make the necessary arrangements.

If the Programme Leader and your employer agree a Break in Learning is the best option for you, the Programme Leader will complete a Break in Learning form. The form will be sent to the Chair of Board of Studies and your employer for signature.

The Break in Learning form, complete with signatures, will then be sent to the departmental Leave of Absence team for processing. You will receive a confirmation of Break in Learning email from the Leave of Absence team. The email will outline the Break in Learning requirements from a teaching and assessment perspective and will include deadlines for submissions upon your return.

If your Break in Learning is unlikely to be approved and processed before an assessment submission deadline, please speak with your Personal Supervisor about submitting an Exceptional Circumstances application until your Break in Learning is confirmed.

Prior to your return to programme, the Leave of Absence team will send you two recall emails asking you to confirm your return. If the team does not get a response they will notify the Programme Leader and Head of Apprenticeships who will engage with your employer to prompt a response to recall.

Your Personal Supervisor will remain the same upon your return, unless personnel have changed or left the university.

To re-enrol, you should make sure you've fulfilled any returning conditions outlined in your absence confirmation letter, for example meeting academic requirements.

If you are returning from a Break in Learning due to medical circumstance, you’ll need to provide medical confirmation that you're fit to study to the University’s Medical Adviser. Full details will be in your confirmation letter.