Personal safety awareness

Personal safety is something that everyone should take seriously.

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust is a charity that promotes personal safety and educates on the dangers of stalking and harassment. The Trust defines personal safety as an individual's ability to go about their daily life free from the threat or fear of psychological, emotional or physical harm from others.

Get the know-how

Violence and aggression are never acceptable.

Personal safety is important and we want to help you deal with harassment or aggressive behaviour should you experience it in the course of your studies or work life. 

We have teamed up with the Suzy Lamplugh Trust to produce some essential training for students, giving you the know-how to assess, manage and reduce risks.

Shaped by students for students, the video course comes in short, easy-to-watch segments. Content includes information about:

  • Situational awareness and ways to defuse a situation
  • Identifying what harassment is and exploring ways to deal with it
  • Common behaviours in stalking, including cyber and digital stalking
  • The importance of reporting incidents

You'll need to log in to Yorkshare VLE in order to view the video course.

Safety on a night out

Our city is known for its quirky venues, traditional pubs and popular clubs and the vast majority of students enjoy York's nightlife safely - it’s part of a great student experience. Read our tips to make sure you have a great - but safe - night out.

Staying safe on a night out

If something happens

Sometimes, through no fault of your own, things can happen and it is important to get help and support if they do.

In an emergency

Call 999 - ask for either the police, ambulance or fire service.

If you are on campus, you should also call Security (01904 323333) so they can help and guide the emergency services to where you are. You can also contact Security via the SafeZone app.

Support after an incident

You can use the University Report and Support tool to report the incident.

Report and Support also lists University support for those reporting an incident. There is also guidance on different types of incidents, such as discrimination, hate crime and domestic abuse.