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Download the SafeZone app to connect to Security on campus, 24/7.

Get help on campus with a simple tap on your phone by installing the SafeZone app. You'll have access to Security 24/7 and you'll also receive any critical notifications from the University.

Sign up for SafeZone

Once you have downloaded the SafeZone app, you’ll need to register using your University email address.

It will help responding officers if you also upload a photo and include relevant information such as medical conditions or mobility limitations.

App features

  • Emergency call - if your personal safety or that of others is (or has been) threatened
  • First aid call - if you or others require medical assistance (all Security Officers are first aid trained)
  • Help desk - for non-urgent help on campus
  • Lone working - make Security aware that you’re working alone outside office hours
  • Torch - useful for walking to your car on campus at night, with handy access to SafeZone if you need it

Responding officers will be notified of your location if you request assistance, although you’ll need to identify yourself when they arrive.

Download the SafeZone app

If you have any problems with the app, contact the SafeZone support team at:


I have changed my phone number (or other information) – what do I do?

Email the SafeZone support team from your University email address:

It's vital that you keep your information up to date so that we have the correct contact number for you.

Can I contact Security outside campus?

If you are outside the SafeZone campus boundary when you activate an alert, your phone will tell you that you’re outside the zone and offer you a connection to 999 for emergency services.

What happens if I accidentally press a SafeZone call button?

You can cancel a call by tapping the button again while the “circle” timer is winding down.

After the call is sent, you will be contacted by Security to make sure that you are okay.

Does SafeZone track my location all the time?

SafeZone only tracks your location when you request assistance. Tracking stops when an alert is cancelled or completed.

If you’re working out of hours, you can uncheck the Lone Worker icon at any time to cancel tracking immediately. SafeZone will automatically finish your session and stop tracking as you exit campus.