Academic integrity services

At the University of York, you are part of a community of students, lecturers, researchers and professionals who have come together to pursue knowledge in an environment of shared research, skills and expertise. Academic integrity represents a set of values which operate as the foundation of academic practice and through which members of the community can develop knowledge that the whole community can trust:

  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Fairness 
  • Respect
  • Responsibility

In order to turn these principles into practice, the Learning Enhancement Team includes a designated Academic Integrity Resource Manager who provides University-wide support and resources with all aspects of Academic Integrity.


Staff members can arrange bespoke workshops for their students at all levels of study. Our workshops can be tailored to address a wide variety of issues:

  • The mechanics of referencing 
    Instruction for students in any of the seven referencing styles used at the University of York.

  • The reasoning behind referencing 
    Referencing is not just about avoiding plagiarism, we explore the many reasons behind referencing which improves students understanding of academic writing and research.

  • Understanding misconduct
    By exploring the main reasons students commit misconduct, students can understand and avoid misconduct. This also helps contribute to academic success through improved planning, independent study and criticality.

  • Managing referencing in a dissertation
    The larger the project, the more complex the referencing and integrity issues students face. We can help students to manage their resources better which has a great impact on the coherence and quality of their dissertation.

  • Referencing in the note taking process
    Good referencing begins at the note talking stage. We can shows students good note taking practices to make referencing easier and to improve their critical engagement with the academic literature.

  • Bibliography/Reference list building
    In academic writing, the quality of the input is reflected in the quality of the output. A good bibliography is not an afterthought, students must understand the importance of building their reference list from the start.

In order to arrange a bespoke workshop, contact the Academic Integrity Resource Manager ( to arrange a consultation.


Turnitin is the main text-matching software used at the University of York (Safeassign is also available). We offer workshops to staff and students to improve the formative and summative use of Turnitin in the academic writing process. We recommend that departments offer Turnitin workshops for students in tandem with Academic Integrity and Referencing workshops.

  • Accessing Turnitin

Staff can access Turnitin through their Yorkshare VLE. If you cannot find a Turnitin module in your VLE Module list, email to enquire about access.

  • Turnitin Staff workshops 

There are two one hour workshops available to staff which run at various dates throughout the year. Also, if departments wish to have a specific workshop for their staff, this can be arranged. 

  1. Introduction to Turnitin 
    The workshop will explain Turnitin's capabilities in assessing the originality of assignments and allow colleagues to view examples of the Originality Reports produced by Turnitin with discussion about how such reports can be interpreted. It will also clarify the approach taken to the use of Turnitin at the University of York, outline the process by which the University manages student access to Turnitin and how staff can use the Turnitin ethically with student groups.

  2. Interpreting Turnitin Reports
    If staff have the basic understanding of Turnitin, they can attend a more advanced workshop which looks in depth at a using Turnitin to analyse Originality Reports, this will help to highlight common problems with referencing, paraphrasing and secondary referencing that students have.  
  • Turnitin Student workshops

All students have the opportunity to access Turnitin text-matching software to help develop writing skills and improve the integration of source material into assignments. In order to gain access to Turnitin students must attend a 1 hour Turnitin workshop (delivered by a trained PGWT) and pass a short test. There are three options:

  1. Department workshops
    Departments can contact the Academic Integrity Resource Manager to organise workshops for specific cohorts of students, e.g. all first year year undergrads or all taught postgrads.

  2. Open Workshops
    Every Wednesday at 12.30pm. Students can sign up for a workshop on the Student Skills Hub or use the Turnitin Training box on the Yorkshare VLE 'Home' tab.

  3. Distance tutorial
    If students are registered as a distance learner, there is a Turnitin Tool Distance which should be included in their module list. This option is not available for on-campus students.

Academic Misconduct support

The Academic Integrity Resource Manager offers support to staff and students with Academic Misconduct cases.

  • If a staff member or member of a Standing Academic Misconduct Panel (StAMP) wishes to discuss a case of academic misconduct (to interpret a Turnitin Originality Report or other evidence of misconduct) they can email

  • Departments can recommend/instruct students who have committed academic misconduct to make an appointment with the Academic Integrity Resource Manager. This will enable the student to reflect on the misconduct and move on with their studies in a positive direction and avoid misconduct in the future.


  • Academic Integrity webpage

Our Academic Integrity site provides information for students.

  • Referencing style guides

There are seven different referencing styles used across the University:

  1. APA
  2. Chicago
  3. Harvard
  4. IEEE
  5. MLA
  6. OCOLA
  7. Vancouver

We have seven downloadable referencing style guides available to staff and students on the Academic Integrity site.

  • Academic Integrity Tutorial (online)

All undergraduate and taught postgraduate students must complete the online Academic Integrity Tutorial (AIT). The AIT provides the foundational knowledge for our taught students on academic misconduct, acknowledgement and referencing. Staff have access to a demo of this tutorial in the Yorkshare VLE module list, it is very useful to review this tutorial to see the basic training students have received.

  • Research Integrity Tutorial (online)

All postgraduate research (PGR) students must complete the online Research Integrity Tutorial (RIT). The RIT provides the foundational knowledge of integrity issues expected for a research degree at the University. It is divided into three section: Academic Integrity, Research Integrity and Ethical Considerations. Staff have access to a demo of the RIT in the Yorkshare VLE module list, it is very useful to review this tutorial if you are supervising student research projects.

  • Academic Integrity email

We have a special email address for students with academic integrity queries, usually relating to referencing problems (how do I reference this source?) and accessing or interpreting Turnitin. This service is also available to staff, if you are having trouble referencing a source, please feel free to contact us.

  • Academic Integrity articles

The Academic Integrity Resource Manager is research active and has access to a vast list of academic resources on academic integrity. If you wish to know more about researching academic integrity or a particular integrity issue (such as helping international students with referencing), please get in contact.

Please email if you have wish to discuss any integrity matters or have trouble accessing any of these resources.

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