Accessibility statement

Academic integrity - resources available to support students

The Learning Enhancement Team (ASO) includes a designated Academic Integrity Resource Manager and a suite of resources designed to support students in the development of appropriate academic practice. Highlighting these resources to students can ease transition and encourage independent learning.

Academic integrity/Research integrity tutorials

The University of York has developed three online integrity tutorials:

  • The IPC Integrity Tutorial - for all students at the International Pathway College.  
  • The Academic Integrity Tutorial - for all undergraduate and taught masters students
  • The Research Integrity Tutorial - for all Postgraduate Research students  

The tutorials are available to students via their VLE module list and are designed to ensure all incoming students have a basic understanding of academic integrity and what constitutes academic misconduct. The tutorials are compulsory progression requirements for all University of York students - no exceptions. Non-completion means a student will not be allowed to progress or graduate. 

Academic integrity website

The Academic Integrity Website - including the Reference Style Guides - provides additional information for students regarding academic standards, avoiding academic misconduct and using appropriate tools for good academic practice. The site hosts seven downloadable Reference Style Guides (APA; Chicago; Harvard; IEEE; MLA; OSCOLA; Vancouver) which are matched to the specific University of York departments which uses them.  Please check to make sure you are advocating the use of the reference style agreed on by your department. 

Email support

Email support from provides help for students students who are concerned about citing, referencing or acting with integrity in their work. Students can email to receive individual guidance from the Academic Integrity Resource Manager.

Access to Turnitin 

Turnitin it is a ‘text matching’ software that is used by institutions all over the world to assess the originality of student writing. 

Staff use - staff can submit student work to Turnitin to be cross-referenced with the Turnitin’s database. Turnitin then produces an ‘Originality Report’ which shows the percentage of matched text in the assignment. This process is not a substitute for academic judgement and it is up to staff to consider each Originality Report carefully.

Following appropriate training, University of York students can be given a limited number of Turnitin submission points to use to assess their own work.