Examples of commercialisation activity

Hear from staff and our spin-out leaders about their commercialisation experiences.

Commercial enterprise

Teacher Selection Project

How do you identify and develop ‘good’ teachers? The Teacher Selection Project helps select the most suitable teacher applicants through tools such as T-Screen: a research-grounded situational judgement test methodology that gives reliable data on applicants’ skills, and the attributes needed for success as a teacher.

Spin-out companies

Cizzle Biotechnology

Cizzle Biotech has developed a prototype confirmative test to address the false positive rates of CT scanning to avoid unnecessary invasive testing and costs. The test is intended to address a clear unmet clinical need - the early detection of lung cancer, when curative surgical resection is possible.


Skillsforge's postgraduate progression and supervision solutions help institutions to get the best out of their students throughout their entire journey, from admissions to examinations. Streamlined, tailored processes possess a fully-integrated course booking system and skills framework, with bespoke forms and workflows that can integrate with your existing student records and HR systems. With SkillsForge, you can achieve best practice in postgraduate progression monitoring and supervision, student journey management, skills management and course booking.

License agreements

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