In addition to working on central figures of early modern philosophy such as Locke and Berkeley, we work on lesser-known figures such as Margaret Cavendish, Arthur Collier, and Richard Burthogge.

Within this research group, Dr Keith Allen and Professor Tom Stoneham are currently exploring Margaret Cavendish's philosophical and literary legacy and her connection with Bolsover Castle.

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Dr James Clarke


  • Dr James Clarke
  • Rousseau's moral psychology, especially his account of amour-propre and political philosophy.
  • Professor Tom Stoneham
  • Berkeley, Margaret Cavendish, Arthur Collier, Richard Burthogge and Edward, Lord Herbert of Cherbury.
  • Professor Sarah Hutton
  • The history of early modern philosophy, especially 17th-century British philosophy, with special interests in the Cambridge Platonists and women philosophers.

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Dr James Clarke