We have research expertise in post-Kantian philosophy and Critical Theory (where this includes Marxism).

We are particularly interested in the influence of post-Kantian philosophy on critical theory and in the ways in which neglected figures in post-Kantian philosophy can provide resources for contemporary critical theory.

A key area of interest for our research is translating philosophical texts from the traditions of post-Kantianism and critical theory. In collaboration with Conny Rhode, Dr James Clarke has translated J. B. Erhard's 1795 essay Apologie des Teufels and is currently editing a series of translations of early post-Kantian philosophical texts for the British Journal for the History of Philosophy.

Reason, Right and Revolution network

Our researchers explore the nature and significance of early post-Kantian practical philosophy through the Reason, Right and Revolution research network, led by Dr James Clarke and Gabriel Gottlieb (Xavier University, Cincinnati).


  • Dr James Clarke
  • Post-Kantian practical philosophy, especially Erhard, Fichte, and Hegel. The philosophy of recognition.
  • Dr Owen Hulatt
  • Hegel's aesthetics and social philosophy. Adorno's Critical Theory and Althusser's Marxism.

Staff in related departments

  • Thomas Dowling (twd510@york.ac.uk)
    An historical review and reconstruction of 'reification' (supervisors: Dr James Clarke and Dr Owen Hulatt)

  • Denise Goh (denise.goh@york.ac.uk)
  • Post-truth as a Struggle for Recognition: a critical analysis of ideology, identity and institutions in knowledge preservation (supervisors: Dr James Clarke and Dr Owen Hulatt)
  • Sean Hamill (sh1552@york.ac.uk)
  • A defence of a Fichtean moral theory (supervisors: Dr James Clarke and Dr Chris Jay)
  • Nektarios Kastrinakis
  • 'Marx and Nietzsche: An Attempt at a Complementary Reading' (supervisors: Professor Werner Bonefeld (Department of Politics) and Dr James Clarke)

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