History of Philosophy

Section Leader: Dr James Clarke

We have research strengths across the history of philosophy, from the ancient Greeks to the twenty-first century. Within the department we run regular workshops and reading groups: our animation illustrating Proclus’ neo-Platonic metaphysics can be viewed here.

In collaboration with Sheffield and Leeds, we have established a Centre for the History of Philosophy (CHiPhi), to draw together expertise and encourage collaborative activity. At York, we participate in the work of the Centres for Modern Studies, Eighteenth Century Studies and Renaissance and Early Modern Studies.

A number of our staff contribute to this research area, and are interested in supervising PhD work. Click the links to learn more about their work:

  • Keith Allen: early modern philosophy and phenomenology.
  • Tom Baldwin (Emeritus): Moore, Russell and 20th century philosophy.
  • James Clarke: Rousseau, post-Kantian philosophy (especially Fichte and Hegel), Critical Theory
  • David Efird: the philosophical theology of Augustine, Anselm, and Aquinas.
  • Stephen Everson: Plato, Aristotle, Epicureanism.
  • Owen Hulatt: Spinoza, post-Kantian idealism, Critical Theory (esp. Adorno and Althusser). 
  • Sarah Hutton: (Visiting Professor) early modern philosophy, especially the Cambridge Platonists and women philosophers.
  • Tom Stoneham: early modern British philosophy especially Berkeley; also less canonical figures.
  • Rob Trueman: early analytic philosophy
  • Andrew Ward: Hume and Kant.