At York, researchers collaborate across the University's seven interdisciplinary research themes to address the great scientific, social and environmental challenges of our times.

In Philosophy, our research aligns with all the University research themes but we demonstrate particularly strong links with Culture and Communication, Health and Wellbeing, and Justice and Equality.

Dr Keith Allen is the Research Champion for Culture and Communication.

Culture and Communication

Our researchers have a particular interest in the cognitive value of cultural artifacts. We explore the nature of perception, working with artists to consider how art can help us understand or illustrate the limits of perception.

We are also uncovering and communicating the ideas of neglected figures in the history of philosophy, such as the early post-Kantians and women in the early modern era.

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Health and Wellbeing

Our ethicists have strong interests in healthcare ethics that include public health research ethics and more abstract questions about how to measure wellbeing.

In theoretical philosophy we are applying insights from phenomenology and the philosophy of mind to help understand phenomena such as depression, grief and trauma.

Through our research into political philosophy we are exploring how inequality has implications for health and wellbeing.

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Justice and Equality

We explore how the conceptions of justice and equality can be implemented in public life. The question of how public and private institutions should be structured to promote social justice is a key feature of our research.

Our work also investigates the way in which resources of post-Kantian practical philosophy can inform contemporary debates about justice, rights, and equality.

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