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"Welcome to the Philosophy department at the University of York. Our excellence in teaching and research is here to help you reach your personal goals. The research produced by the department is judged to be overwhelmingly of “international quality” (96%) and this is matched by our excellence in teaching as reflected in our national student survey results."

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Creative Processes in the Arts: the 2017 Arts & Philosophy Conference

Artists, composers, philosophers, scholars and artistic researchers from various disciplines investigate approaches to the creative process.


The Philosophical Significance of Molyneux's Question

A Sense Perception in the North event - (S)pin


Formal Ethics 2017 International Conference

Formal Ethics applies tools from logic, decision theory, game theory, and social choice theory to the analysis of concepts in moral and political philosophy and to the development of ethical theory. It is a rapidly growing field of research which goes back to the work of Kenneth Arrow, Amartya Sen, John Harsanyi, Georg Henrik von Wright and others. The field has recently gained new impetus with formal work on non-classical logic, freedom and responsibility, value theory and the evolution of norms and conventions. It now includes contributions not only from philosophy, but also from economics, computer sciences and linguistics.

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