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Owen Hulatt
Senior Lecturer



I undertook my PhD here at the University of York before becoming a teaching fellow shortly thereafter.

Departmental roles

  • Library rep



My research interests are in the following areas: Frankfurt School Critical Theory; Adorno; Post-Kantian Idealism; Anti-Humanism; Spinoza; Analytic Aesthetics; Althusser; Aleatory Materialism.


  • I am currently working on profundity in literature and music, as well as papers on Adorno's conception of mimesis, the relationship between artworks and ideology, and problems of inherence in Spinoza's metaphysics.
  • I am working on a book on Althusser's aleatory materialism, which should also draw on theories of creativity and joint intention.



Full publications list


  • Adorno’s Theory of Aesthetic and Philosophical Truth: Texture and Performance. Columbia University Press. Forthcoming.


  • "Reason, Mimesis, and Self-Preservation in Adorno". Journal of the History of Philosophy. Forthcoming.
  • "The Problem of Modernism and Critical Refusal: Bradley/Lamarque on Form-Content Unity" The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism. Forthcoming.
  • “Critical Theory as a Legacy of Post-Kantianism”. (Co-authored with James Clarke). British Journal of the History of Philosophy. Volume 22, Issue 6, 2014.
  • "Adorno, Interpretation, and the Body". International Journal of Philosophical Studies, Volume 23, Issue 1, 2015.
  • "Normative Impulsivity: Adorno on Ethics and the Body". International Journal of Philosophical Studies, Volume 22, Issue 5, 2014.
  • "Sub-Abstract Bodies: The epistemic and ethical role of the body-mind relationship in      Adorno's Philosophy". International Journal of Philosophical Studies.  Forthcoming.
  • ‘Interpretation & Circularity– Justificatory Issues in Adorno's Epistemology’. Forthcoming in Constellations.
  • "Recognition and Anti-Humanist Irony". Critical Horizons. Forthcoming.


  •  ‘Rejoinder’ by Axel Honneth. Critical Horizons, Vol. 16, Issue 2.

Book chapters 

  • “Critique through Autonomy: Of Monads and Mediation in Adorno’s Aesthetic theory” in   Aesthetic and Artistic Autonomy, (Bloomsbury: 2013)

Edited collections

  • Aesthetic and Artistic Autonomy. Bloomsbury 2013.

Contact details

Dr Owen Hulatt
Senior Lecturer

Tel: 01904 32 4312