Record your datasets in PURE

The University needs to know about your archived datasets, even if your dataset is deposited and published in an external data repository.

PURE, the University's Research Information System, allows members of staff to record information about their datasets. The public facing portal, the York Research Database, allows these datasets to be searched, promoting data reuse, data citation and collaboration.

If you have deposited your dataset in an external data repository

If you have deposited your dataset in an external data repository email the Open Research team with the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for the dataset and the DOI for the related paper. If no DOI is assigned to your dataset, provide as much information as you can about your dataset, e.g. the name of the external repository and a URL to the dataset, along with the DOI for the related paper.

We will create a dataset record in PURE, based on the one in the external repository. Your PURE record and your researcher profile will then automatically update. Please note this is a pilot service.

Recording archived datasets in WREO

Postgraduate researchers should record the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for archived datasets with their thesis in White Rose eTheses Online. The DOI (or, alternatively a URL) can be added in the Related URLs field.

If your dataset is not already archived with a data repository

The University has its own data repository, Research Data York, which researchers from any discipline may wish to use. Research Data York can provide ongoing access to research data for extended periods of time and issues DOIs for deposited datasets. Research Data York is a good option for publishing your datasets, unless there is a discipline-specific repository commonly used in your research field or your funder requires otherwise.

Each research funder will have different rules on when metadata, and datasets, have to be made available.