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Doodle is a meeting scheduling tool.

It helps you to easily establish the availability of attendees, and see at a glance which timeslot will suit the most people.

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Doodle simplifies the process of scheduling meetings and events.

You can suggest as many potential times as you wish, and respondents state their availability. You then select the time that suits everyone best.

Doodle is an externally hosted service that can be used on its own, or linked to your Google Calendar.

All staff and students have access to the University branded version of Doodle. This version features the York logo, and doesn't have ads.

Schedule a meeting

Once you have registered and linked your Google Calendar, it's easy to create an event:

  1. Log in to Doodle
  2. Select Schedule an event
  3. Follow the instructions

Respond to an invite

If you've been invited to give your availability for a meeting from someone else, click on the link they've given you, and select the time(s) that suit you.

If you're logged in, you can select to have Doodle block out the times in your Google Calendar. Then, when the meeting date is selected by the event organiser, Doodle will update your calendar with the confirmed date.

Additional features

Find out more about what Doodle has to offer, including MeetMe and mobile access:

How to register

1. Register  

The first time you use Doodle, you'll need to register:

  1. Click on Create account.
  2. Select Connect with Google.
  3. Enter your University of York email address (eg name@york.ac.uk or username@york.ac.uk) and password into the Google login page.
  4. You will receive an email from Doodle - follow the instructions to activate your account.

2. Link Doodle to your Google Calendar

Once you've linked your Doodle account to your University calendar, when you respond to a Doodle poll, the dates you accept will be added to your calendar as tentative events.

When the poll is closed, the confirmed date will be marked as such, and the others will be removed.

To link Doodle to your Calendar:

  1. Log in to Doodle.
  2. Click on your name at the top right, and select Manage Account.
  3. Click on Calendars.
  4. Click on Connect to Google and follow the instructions.

Note: If you see a message stating that Connect to Google is a premium feature, please follow the instructions on the Help & troubleshooting tab.

Help & troubleshooting


See the Doodle Support Centre for the answers to frequently asked questions.


Removing ads & enabling premium features

When Doodle carry out upgrades, you may sometimes see adverts appearing when you create polls, or you may lose access to premium features such as connecting to your calendar.

To stop this happening, you need to make a change to your account settings:

  1. Log in to Doodle.
  2. Click on your name at the top right, and select Manage Account.
  3. Click on Doodle Account.
  4. Select the drop-down list headed Premium Doodle, and choose University of York.

Library & IT Help Desk

If you're having problems using Doodle, get in touch with the Library & IT Help Desk.

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