Practical guidance available in the AAIP Body of Knowledge to support the safe development of autonomous systems

News | Posted on Wednesday 8 April 2020

Today we are rolling out the first practical guidance that is freely accessible through the online AAIP Body of Knowledge to support the safe development of robotic and autonomous systems (RAS).

The Body of Knowledge is the central pillar to all elements of our work: foundational research; demonstrator projects; training and education; and working with an international community. It has been created to support the development of safe autonomous systems by providing practical guidance on assurance and regulation.

The Body of Knowledge complements other work being done to develop standards and guidelines, and gives practical guidance on the four key areas of assurance and regulation:

  1. Defining required behaviour
  2. Implementation of a RAS to provide the required behaviour
  3. Understanding and controlling deviations from required behaviour
  4. Gaining approval for operation of RAS

You can explore the four sections of the Body of Knowledge and find out more about each of the 67 areas for consideration, including a definition and description for each. The practical guidance in place has been written by the AAIP team in York, Programme Fellows, and demonstrator projects.

If you would like to support the safety community by contributing your own practical guidance please email us.

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