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Make a booking

Before you make a booking, have a look at the services provided by other teams below.

Booking tips

  • If the room you are making a booking for is not on the dropdown menu, select 'other'
  • When selecting a booking time, please allow space for set up and testing if required

Make an Audio Visual booking

Other services

Flipcharts, pens and pads

Flipcharts, pens and pads can be acquired from the relevant Reception Team.

Phones & conference calls

Phone and conference call queries are managed by Unified Communications.

Nimlock display boards

Nimlock display boards can be booked on Planon via the Room Setup Team.

PC login details

Unless booking via York Conferences, you should contact IT Services for a login.

Room bookings

Room bookings are booked and managed through the Room Bookings Team.


Food, drink and catering are booked through Commercial Services.