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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you apply

When can I apply?

It depends on your level of study and when your course starts. Application dates can be found on the following pages for:

When is the deadline for applying for accommodation?

  • The guarantee deadline for 2020/21 Undergraduate accommodation applications is Friday 31 July 2020. We will announce when applications open nearer the time.
  • The guarantee deadline for 2019/20 International Postgraduate accommodation applications is 12 noon on Friday 7 August 2020. In order to be guaranteed, you must have accepted an unconditional course place by this date. 2020/21 application dates will be announced nearer the time.
  • You'll be able to apply after these deadlines, but you're no longer guaranteed an offer of University accommodation.
  • The earlier you make an application, the more choices there will be for you to select from.

Will I get the room I want?

  • More than three out of four students received one of their top three accommodation choices in the 2018/19 allocation process*

*This figure only covers students who applied between the opening date and designated cut off date (31 July), were able to make a real choice (had no restrictions or additional requirements) and were allocated rooms by our mass allocator software.

What's the difference between 38, 40, 44 and 50-week lets?

  • A 40-week let length means you're charged for your room for the whole academic year, including Christmas and Easter vacations. You can stay or leave your personal possessions in your room during these vacations.  
  • A 44-week let has an additional 4 weeks on the end of the let.  This allows students to stay on a bit longer which can be useful you're not able to move into second year accommodation straight away.  
  • A 50-week let length means you're charged for your room until September. You can stay or leave your personal possessions in your room until this date.
  • You might wish to consider a 50-week let if you're an overseas student wanting to stay in York over the summer.
  • Our small number of 38-week lets will need to be vacated for two weeks during the Easter break.

What's the start and end date for the Postgraduate 51 week let?

  • The Postgraduate 51 week let period runs from 17/09/2018 to 09/09/2019

What's the difference between price bands?

  • Band 1 rooms are our value option, you may share facilities such as your kitchen with a few more people than some of the other price bands.
  • Band 2 rooms, like band 1, are in our blocks where the University first began, you'll be likely to share facilities with a few more people than bands 3 and 4.
  • Band 3 rooms are our most common type. They're newer or more recently refurbished than economy rooms and facilities are shared with fewer people.
  • Band 4 rooms have larger (3/4) size beds as well as a TV (with license) and sofas in shared kitchen areas. 

What's a twin room?

  • A twin room has two single beds in one room and you share this space with another student.  If your room is ensuite you also share the bathroom with the other student. Standard twin rooms will have one washbasin which the two students will share and access to shared bathroom facilities
  • Twin rooms are cheaper than single rooms, so this might be something to consider if you're wanting to save some extra money.

What's a catered room?

  • A catered room means that breakfast and dinner are provided Monday-Friday during term-time and are included in your accommodation charge
  • Colleges that offer catered rooms are listed on our Prices and Payments page
  • Rooms that are catered cannot be changed to self-catered
  • Here's some more information about catered accommodation
  • If you're not in catered accommodation, we also offer a Meals in Advance deal, where you can purchase meals on a term by term basis.

Will my accommodation be catered?

  • We only offer catered accommodation to those students have been allocated a first year undergraduate room that's listed as catered accommodation.
  • Catered accommodation is not provided for Continuing Students or Postgraduates, only first year Undergraduates.
  • If you don't fit this criteria, we offer a Meals in Advance deal, where you can purchase meals on a term by term basis and making savings of up to 18%.

I am deferring my entry. When should I apply?

  • If you're deferring your entry to the next academic year, you should apply when our application opens in Spring of that year. Further details will be available closer to the time. 

How do I decide which college to apply for?

Our accommodation will give you more than just a hall of residence - all students are allocated membership to one of our colleges, and through your college you'll make lots of friends.

During the accommodation application, you'll be able to see the location and facilities of each college, but you might also find the following pages useful:

Whichever college you are allocated to, we’re sure that you will enjoy being a member of our collegiate community.

How can I inform you of specific accommodation requests

  • You can enter any specific preferences or requests in the 'Additional Notes' section of your online application. We can't guarantee that we'll be able to offer you a room that meets your preference or request exactly, but wherever possible we will try to do so.

I have a medical condition and need a specific room/location. How can I be sure I'll get it?

What's a viewing flat/room?

We select ground floor flats to show to prospective students throughout the year during Open Days, visit days and campus tours.

If you live in a viewing flat, we'll give you a minimum of 24 hours notice before any event in which we want to show your room. The rooms are the same standard as our non-viewing flats.

What's expected of you?

  • You’ll need to make sure your bedroom is clean and tidy for viewings, with the floor clear of items and any valuables locked away.

  • You’ll also need to work together with your housemates to make sure your shared kitchen is clean and tidy, without any dirty crockery, pots and pans, or overflowing bins.


If we use your room for a viewing we will offer you a small cash reward, usually a voucher.

I'm a mature student. Will I get placed with younger students?

  • If you are a mature student (20+) and would prefer to be housed with other older students, you can let us know about this on your accommodation application form. Please see the mature student preference question when applying.
  • If you inform us of your preference to be housed with older students we will do our best to accommodate you within a specific mature first-year undergraduate flat/area, or alternatively within an upper-year (yr 2/3) undergraduate flat/area.  

I want accommodation for the full year - what should I apply for?

  • Students with a shorter let length can apply for summer accommodation on campus. 
  • If you have room booking for the current year and the next academic year, we can accommodate you on campus for 52 weeks.  You'll be asked to move rooms - it will not be possible for you to stay in the same room. 

Once you've accepted your offer

What do I need to bring with me?

  • You can find a list of what's included in campus accommodation, other items you should, or might like to bring and what not to bring on our 'What to bring' page
  • You may also find our Arrivals pages useful to look at, to help you plan for when you get here

Do I have to pay a deposit?


If you're a new undergraduate or postgraduate who has an accommodation booking for 2020/21, you'll need to pay a £200 advance rent payment once you have accepted your room, this will b deducted from your first terms rent. 


If you're a new undergraduate or postgraduate who has an accommodation booking for 2019/20, you'll need to pay a £200 advance payment once you have accepted your room, this will turn into your damage deposit at the start of your let.

If you're expecting to receive the maximum maintenance loan

If you're expecting to receive the maximum maintenance loan, you may be able to defer your advance payment until you pay your first terms rent in October. You'll be able to request this during the application process. 

If approved (based on the provision of the required evidence), you will instead need to pay the £200 along with the rest of your first terms rent payment.

How do I apply for disability funding?

How to apply for disability funding

  1. Fill in your details on the Accommodation Funding Application Form (PDF , 635kb) and ask your medical practitioner to complete the rest
  2. Submit the completed form to  as soon as you can and by 16 March 2018 at the latest
  3. We'll let you know the outcome of your application within 15 days

If your application is approved, we'll apply a credit to your accommodation account for the next term, and your room price will be adjusted for future charges. 

The credit will be the difference between the price of your room type and the cheaper shared bathroom room type within the same rent band. For example, if we offered you a premium ensuite room, your credit would be the difference between that and a premium shared bathroom.

Returning students

If you started your course before the 2016/17 academic year and have received a Disable Student's Allowance  (DSA) towards accommodation costs, you can continue to claim this funding from DSA

Can I change my room once I've accepted it?

As part of accepting your room offer, you're agreeing to a legally binding contract. We cannot change your room once it's been accepted however you can look at these options:

  • If you would like you can try and find a student to swap rooms with.
  • If after you've moved into your room you're still unhappy with your accommodation, you can request a room transfer from Week 3 of the first term. We'll prioritise students who need to move rooms due to a health, welfare or mobility issue and the number of students we can assist will depend on the number of vacant rooms.
  • Students in a 50 week let can only transfer to another 50 week let length room. 

We find that once students have arrived and settled in at York, they no longer want to change their room so we recommend waiting until you're here. 

When can I move into my room?

  • The dates of your room booking are shown in the booking details. You can print these booking details from e:Vision
  • More information about arrival times will be published on college pages nearer to the start of the academic year
  • If you plan to arrive earlier than this, you'll need to arrange alternative accommodation by contacting either:

You can find more information about arriving and starting at the University on our welcome pages, including what to bring.

Can I terminate my contract?

  • Under the Resident Terms and Conditions you agreed to pay for your accommodation until the end of your agreement. 
  • Clause 34 of the residence agreement sets out the conditions in which you may be able to terminate your agreement. If these apply to you then you must submit a Request to Vacate
  • Your contract is a legally binding document. You should not accept your accommodation unless you intend to stay in your accommodation and pay for the full period.
  • If you have any doubts about this please contact us to discuss your concerns

How do I cancel my add-on gym membership?

  • In order for us to cancel an add-on such as gym membership, we need permission in writing from York Sport before we can process any refunds or credits

Can I bring my car to University?

  • Car parking is restricted on campus, with the exception of students with disabilities, students on certain courses and residents of Halifax college. Find out if you're eligible for a parking permit.
  • As street parking off campus is scarce, the University asks all students living on campus not to bring a car to York because of the difficulties parking creates for our neighbours in the local community.
  • Action will be taken by the University if a resident causes a nuisance or annoyance to our neighbours by an inconsiderate use of or parking of a vehicle. 
  • Please see the University Travel and Transport pages for more information on parking, public transport, car share and cycling.
  • In general, York is a very easily commutable city. If something isn't already within walking distance, it's just a short bus or cycle ride away.

How do I pay for my accommodation?

You can set up a Direct Debit, or pay online or by bank transfer. For more information see our paying for accommodation page

You can check your instalment amounts and dates here at any time.

Now that you're here

I've got a problem with my room that needs fixing

  • To log a problem with your room that needs fixing, you'll need to contact the relevant facilities helpdesk.
  • You can find a list of contacts and the process for reporting a problem with your accommodation on the Report a problem page.

I want to leave or change my room

  • If you're not entirely happy with your room, there may be an option to move to a different one by requesting a transfer or room swap.
  • If you wish to terminate your agreement because you are withdrawing or taking a leave of absence from your course, you'll need to request to vacate.  
  • You can find more information about the process on the Request to Vacate page.

I'm having problems with my payment / direct debit

Find out everything you need to know about paying for your accommodation on our accommodation payments web page.

  • To check if you have a direct debit set up to pay for your accommodation, you should check your online banking or contact your bank.
  • If you're having problems with your direct debit not coming out, or paying incorrectly, you should contact the fees office. 

When do I get my deposit back?

  • Our deposit system was introduced in 2017/18, if you had accommodation prior to this you not have paid a deposit and therefore not due to a refund.
  • Given that the condition of your room meets the requirements, you'll receive your deposit back up to 28 days after your rent is finished and you are no longer rent liable
  • If you are booking accommodation for 2020/21 you will not pay a deposit, only an advance rent payment of £200, which will be deducted form your first terms rent.

Other FAQs

How do I cancel my booking if I decide not to study at York?

These policies only apply to new students who do not arrive in York to start their course. You are not eligible to end your agreement if you are a registered student at the University.

If you inform us you wish to cancel:

  • More than three weeks before the start of your booking: we'll keep your £200 advance payment or charge you £200 if you have not paid it yet.

  • Less than three weeks before the start of your booking: we'll keep your £200 advance payment, and you'll be charged four weeks’ rent.

  • After the start date of your room booking: You should let us know by following the request to vacate procedure. You will normally be charged the equivalent of eight weeks rent as a notice period, and a £200 cancellation fee.

To cancel your booking, please email We'll confirm whether you're eligible, and inform you of any additional charges.

I've changed my email address. How do I let you know?

  • Please email UCAS to inform them of your new email address, quoting your UCAS personal ID number
  • The email account you provide should be one that you check regularly and will still be active in August (i.e. not a school or college account)

How can I view my booking details?

How do I join a college if I live off-campus?

  • There are eight undergraduate colleges at the University and all students both on and off-campus are part of a college community.
  • As a non-resident first year student you will be allocated to one of the following colleges, depending on your department of study:
  • Alcuin College - if you are studying in Health Sciences or at the Hull York Medical School (HYMS).
  • Goodricke College - if you are studying in a department based on Campus East.
  • James College - if you are studying in a department based on Campus West or at King's Manor.
  • Your college will have social spaces you can use as well as providing access to microwaves, kettles and storage lockers. Colleges also offer opportunities in Welcome Week and beyond to meet other students, take part in sports, attend well-being workshops and participate in the inter-cultural competency programme.

There will be a Pre-arrival Lunch and College Induction hosted by Student Support and Alcuin, Goodricke and James College for you to do a trial run to campus and view the facilities before Welcome Week. You will receive more information about this through an email from your college in September and the details will also be posted on our Local and Commuting Students Facebook group.

What shall I put as my term-time address on my visa application?

  • For queries regarding visas, see Immigration Advice
  • Students who are awaiting a room offer, have in the past, put the main University of York address (University of YorkHeslingtonYorkYO10 5DDUK) on their visa application and have been successful.